Thursday, May 03, 2012

so close you can almost taste it

Daz right guise!!! The Mid Years are coming to an end very very very very very soon. ;-) Can't wait to get everything over and done with. Chemistry is tomorrow and I hope I'll have lots of chemistry with the paper. ;-) Ahah that was lame but I couldn't help myself. Feeling quite worried for chemistry as there's nothing much to study for hence feelings of insecurity increases. Okay. Ms Tan said it'd be around the standard of the previous test, which a lot of people found very hard ahahahah. I got 34/40 though haha yay proud of myself. ^_^ Nothing wrong with dat.

After tomorrow, there'll be 3 days of physics and lit omg kill me now. 3. Whole. Days. Of calculating speed acceleration etc etc and re-reading The Chrysalids. I think I forgot quite a bit of The Chrysalids already poopcakes.

All right less talk more sleep. First night in weeks, or even months, that I get to sleep before 10pm!

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