Sunday, May 06, 2012


Last lap of the race guise!!! :-) Just 3 more days and we'll be free! Ha ha I until we get the results back + Chinese happy camp post-exam activity shiz that is.

Felt so bad for leaving Jamie alone with Ants today for Bzb cos my mom didn't allow me to switch to 4:30pm class hahaha. Jamie showed me (+ Ants) something v v v v v interesting and I think we are all going to be Bzb bffz HAHAHAHA <3 Ants is actually very nice............lul.

Yup went to West Coast Plaza for Sakae Sushi and came home to mug physics for 3 hours. Physics is the least to revise for but yet most unsettling paper sigh. I envy those who only have E. Math left. :'-( Once lit and physics is over it's party time for me~~~~~~ Haven't touched Twitter for about 2 weeks PLUS now! :-( Getting withdrawal symptoms already oh no this is bad. How am I to survive O-lvls next year.

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