Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Physics and lit paper today and yup basically Mid Years are over!!!!!! E. Math tomorrow but, really, who's going to study? ;-) (ok I am but still.) Went for lunch at Burger Shack today with Clare, Cimin and Daphne. We played this lunch game thing where everyone put their phones in the middle of the table (like a campfire, BUUUURN) and throughout the whole meal, the first one to crack will treat everyone to lunch. ;-) When lunch was "over", everyone was like 1..2...3!!! and nobody dared to be the first to take their phone LOL. Hahah I think it's a really good game. How often do you see people "going out" for lunch when really, what they're doing is having lunch with their phones? Hahah.

Post-exams plans are really messy but o well, YOLO!

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