Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Not feeling the post-exam mood yet but AH WELL.

I went to watch The Lucky One with Daphne, Caryl, Cimin, Clare, Christabelle and Rebecca after the E Math paper. (I re-did the whole paper thrice and still had time to sleep geez.) The cinema was very small and quite ~saturated~ so couldn't run around and play inside. :-( Aw.

The movie was quite nice, but there was a lot of asdfghjkl HAHAHA ok I feel so. Asdfghjkl.

We went to 313@Somerset to eat Din Tai Fung and we spent $69.40 at first!!! Everyone was so excited but no one could take a photo because we were playing the lunch game. ;-) Then we ordered 2 more trays of xlb and it became $92.80. :'-( Hahah wow rich kids eating at DTF eh. Ok not rly but still.

Shopped around at F21, Topshop etc etc and everyone got tired and went to high tea at TWG while Daphne and I went around hunting for shuzz that we don't mind destroying HAHA.

At Far East Plaza, the clothes looked all so nice but the quality is........yeah. :-( By the time we got back to Ion, our legs were breaking. Oh gosh, till now, my legs are still hurting. :-( Anyway went to join Clare, Cimin, Hazel and Becca at TWG for like a few minutes and rushed off to Taka to Art Friend and bought glitter! And then we got lost in Orchard and sat at the bus stop in the heavy rain waiting for 171 to come yup the end.

On Friday, I have to go back to school for dissection and cataloging, Monday have Batam CIP Trip training so I don't see how this is a break. But well it never was anyway.

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