Thursday, May 10, 2012

Glitter shuz

Woke up at 6am today why. Daphne came over at around 7.50am and started doing our glitter shuzzz. ^_^ It came out so pretty!!! I kind of thought it would end up horribly but nuuuuu it was so so so so gorgeous ahahah, if I may say so myself. Kelley came over and Daphne (tried to) teach her how to play the piano and we watched a really nice movie with a super handsome man CHRIS EVANS. Ate pizza and cookies for lunch yay yay. Went to West Mall to get top coat nail polish for the shuz and Gong Cha. On the 173 back, Pei Xuan was also on the bus! Such a coincidence. Also, Cheyenne was also in da buzzzzzzzzzz ahahah what is this. Oh yeah I stepped on this gross dog shit-like mud thing on my Havaianas boo hoo.

Before/Substrate: (2 for $30 shoes from Rubi)

Enzyme: ($18 glitter from Art Friend)

Enzyme-substrate complex:

Product: (not rly cos we touched up but never took photos)

Mine: (touched up)

TA DA!!! Aren't they just beautiful? :'-) Actually it isn't very cheap but oh well.




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