Thursday, May 10, 2012


Trust no one and you'll never get hurt, right? Put on a mask so no one can read you, know what you're feeling, thinking... I think I have trust issues. Heck it. Life's tough, suck it up.

Dissection tomorrow, and I'm quite nervous. I can sort of "feel" what the (dead) sheep's heart is going to go through ugh gross. Makes me go all queasy. After that (and before) shall rush to the band room to catalogue all those scores...with the help of most of the committee. :-) I'm really touched that most of them sacrificed their time to help me. I mean, they could all be having fun/sleeping but they chose to help. :-) Aww :'-) hahah, this is what Victoria said. "I'm giving up my sleep so we can bond while doing your sucky job" HAHA silly piggo. Going to have to meet Nicholas too to (wow) get Li(m)an's $50 geez. Hahah but at least everyone's really free now so it's very ~flexible~.

So many people are using Gifboom or something nowadays. Hahah I don't really get what's so fun about it. Isn't it just like Tumblr (which I still don't know how to use)? Oh well, Instagram works fine for me! That's what I said about Twitter before getting a Twitter...

One more thing I am spending too much. In the last three days alone, I spent around $60 oh crap.

Did I mention I feel like a wreck? Double crap. Now that Mid Years are over, there's nothing else to immerse myself in to forget all this crap.

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