Friday, May 11, 2012

Sheep heart dissection aka first faint

Today we had dissection of a sheep's heart! I pity all the sheeps who had to die for this. :'-( Condolences to all the noble grass grazers.

So something really embarrassing happened hahaha. On hindsight it was actually quite funny, even.

While Mrs Tan was demonstrating how to cut up the heart, I was standing behind her and feeling so nauseous because she kept prodding the heart, forcing her finger into the aorta etc. I felt really dizzy and wanted to ask if I could skip the whole dissection thing.

According to some people, Mrs Tan was turning around to ask if I could see and then I just fainted. Also, Victoria was standing in front of me and could have caught me but she was so shocked she just moved away to let me fall hahahaha omg. I couldn't really remember anything but I heard a lot of "OMG ARE YOU OKAY?"s. That, and that my hair was coming out and it was touching the floor, yuck!

After a while (I don't know how long) I opened my eyes and staggered to the General Office with Ashley, Rachel Ang and Daphne. I felt so limp and drunk hahaha. At the sick bay, we made so much noise this lady came and scolded us for making a lot of noise and accused us of not being sick because we looked too happy, and when Ashley told her I fainted, she totally 180-degree attitude change! She suddenly became an angel. ;-) I went back to the bio lab and joined the rest after resting at the sick bay for a while hahahaha.

The heart is really really gross and I can so totally wait to dissect a cow's eyeball next year.

Went to the band store to catalog scores with some of the committee! It's taking forEVER. On the bright side, we used up all the cataloging paper so I guess work stops until Ms Chang prints another set! :-) Finally, finished about one and a half cupboards! Most productive cataloging so far!
Thanks so much to those who stayed back to help me! (Minhui, Kimberly, Victoria, Nataly, Emily, Qinwen, Tan Qi)

Then, I went to meet Nicholas to give me the $50 he (Andrew) owes Lim An. Woah finally our ~movie~ ends. *inside joke*

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