Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Avengers

Watched The Avengers at the ungodly (in movie terms) hour of 10am today at the new Golden Village at Jurong Point. It was so so so good and everyone was so handsome/pretty!!! The only sad thing is that I finished my cheesy (punny much?!?) hot dog like 10 minutes into the movie.

After swimming today, went to Jurong Regional Library to borrow books for the Chinese book report crap that's due before the holidays sobzxczxczxczxc. Oh and borrowed a book about how to make macaroons partly because the pictures looked so beautiful and partly because I want to make macaroons during the holidays even though I think I'd be too lazy to so ya. Walked to JCube after that and had dinner and realized that JCube is very boring sighpie. I wanted to ice-skate but everyone there was so pro and literally EVERYONE else was standing around the ice rink watching so better not embarrass myself. I can't even do normal in-line skating. :-( Found Pique.Nique at JCube and bought 6 (half a dozen, wink) macaroons. Uh huh today is macaroon day. THE MACAROONS ARE SO GOOD even though it's really expensive and not very worth the $11.75 and fats.

Going to bring Daphne to church tomorrow and wear our glitter shuz whoop whoop. :-)

And my butt hurts from fainting yesterday.

And my mom is convinced I'm too stressed because I have 4 strands of white hair.

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