Sunday, May 13, 2012


I miss last year (2012) so much, and have so many regrets, but that's the thing right? No matter what, it's virtually impossible to have no regrets. Like, I regret not making more friends in MTDC, being so shy in class, basically a lot of things. I just read someone's blog post about SYF and AIMF and it's so depressing and so...yeah you get what I mean? I just wished time travel was possible and I can just zip back and forth through time. Also I realized how crappy it is trying to see small photos so I shall adjust the bandwidth of the site so the photos can be bigger yay. :-)

Everyone (by that I mean all the guys) on Twitter is tweeting about some soccer match between Man Utd. and Man City and Queens Park Rangers...? Well, all I know is that I watched a match between QPR and West Bromwich (or something I can't rly remember oops) in London last year and I never thought that QPR would make it this far, so I guess I'm quite impressed. :-) Also that I "saw" the players. Even though they didn't see me :-( But o well, close brushes with fame I guess. ;-)

This is my fourth post for the day and my posts are so wordy. This makes my blog boring and frustrating to read, and hence reader-less. Yay.