Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Batam training

Batam CIP training from 9am till 4pm. We were split into groups and each group has to choose a subject which they will teach the orphans in the school there in Batam. My group (Man On The Mountain; Daphne, Felicia, Rebecca, Caryl, Cimin, Victoria and I) wanted to do Physical Education and this other group of Sec 2s also wanted it and we fought a real bloody battle for it and we won and the Sec 2 girl kept glaring at us throughout the morning and we smiled back, being the nice little girlies we are. ;-) In the end our idea (lesson plan?) was to teach the kids how to jump rope and have a telematch sort of thing. :-) We managed to finish the plan quite fast and just talked crap the rest of the time with Mr Teng hee ha ho. Went for lunch at Coffee Bean with Daphne and Victoria while the rest ate Umi Sushi at Holland V. MRT station. Spent $14.50 on pasta sob good food or money, one can only have one. Went (RAN) back to school and played with our jump rope made of many many many (169) rubber bands and it was fun.

Afterwards, everyone left and we were too busy jumping to realize so yup when we finally realized we were one of the only few groups left we just zao out of the Learning Lab heh heh. They all went to Bukit Timah Plaza to buy materials and "decorating shit/art shit" for the chart to act as a visual aid in case language fails us. Ran to piano after buying the stuff while the rest went to Daphne's house to do the chart and yay everyone lived happily ever after.

School was a waste of time and band was pretty fun.

And I love Naasyidah very much yayers. ^_^

And I really miss MTDC.

And I don't want to go to school tomorrow.

And Ms Bernedette Lim is very cool whoop.

And Regi is a Care Leader WOWERZ.

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