Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MYE 2012

English: B4
Chinese: B4
E. Math: A1
A. Math: A1
Chem: A1
Bio: A2
Physics: A1
Lit: C6
SS: D7

LOLOLOL. My total L1R5 is about 14 because of combined humanities and English, asdfghjkl. Overall I think I did quite well, with the exception of SS. :-) Hahah, all I'm hoping for now is top ten in class.

Tomorrow is the Sports Carnival and I'm playing water football! I heard we're using sticks, LOL WTH. I'm kind of grossed out by the fact that everyone's dirty feet will be splashing around the same pool. I'm sure the water won't be changed....and the Sec 3s are going third, I think. Gross. Planning to wear the MTDC shirt though! :-) Haha I don't have black t-shirts and all my camp tees are in the wash. So, oh well. ^_^

The Infectious Disease Workshop for bio kids who sign up was quite boring. Thank goodness for Felicia, Val, Eri, Jessica etc to entertain and ~liven~ things up ahahah. School ends in 3 days, and my holidays seem so dreary! I've yet to complete a single holiday homework and I just finished the Chinese book review due 3 months ago. Great. At least I've found my motivation to work hard!!! It's going to be a hardcore next few months/year sob.

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