Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sport's Carnival 2012

Yesterday was the Sports Carnival!

Altogether, there were 5 activities. Tchoukball, golf, water soccer, dart tag and archery. I was supposed to play water soccer but in the end the whole class had to go for dart tag instead. I think they added dart tag as there was not enough time for all the classes to compete in water soccer over a period of 1 hour?

All the water soccer people were supposed to bring a dark shirt and swimming costume and Val told me to wear the dark shirt to school so yeah I was the only idiot who did lololol embarrassing. 

Anyway, dart tag was really fun! As usual, all house events in SMSS results in body paint and ribbons in our hair. And a heck lot of screaming and cheers. The result of that is a horrible sore throat today. Not in school because I've got flu, heh.

Today the Sec 3s are supposed to go to the SAF Open House in their orange camp tees and jeans lol yucks, fashion disaster x76534485739487208503. In the afternoon is meet-the-parents so I think I'll be going to school in the afternoon. Also, can't afford to miss band practice. SYF is coming soon! And according to Ze Hui, next year's SYF will be the last SYF. For concert bands that is, anyway. Don't know how accurate her information is.

Oh yes, after Sports Carnival yesterday, the MTDC kiddos went to eat at Rail Mall and played in the playground fun fun fun fun. Love them so much gah. Photos soon yes? When I stop being so lazy to upload photos.

Oh yes how could I forget, FEARON CAME IN CHAMPIONZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Woo hoo we always win inter-house events heheheh ok maybe just all the years I've been in Fear-on (Sec 1, 3, 4). The house mascots for some Fearon classes was the LMFAO box-head guy that was cool.

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