Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meeting expectations

Expectations. Everyone has expectations of others and similarly, everyone has someone's expectations to live up to. The most common are the expectations of parents and yourself. In this society, everyone is pushed to do well, to live up to someone else's expectations of them. Some do, and some don't. After all, there has to be losers for there to be winners. So what happens to those who don't? They get depressed, maybe even angry. And it's all a downward spiral from there. So really, there isn't any point trying to meet someone else's expectations of yourself. You can't please everyone. The most important thing is just to do what you want, whatever that makes you happy and proud of yourself.

Meet-the-parents was today so because of that, was an hour late for band. I think it went really well. :-) I hope the mid-term grades won't pull the end-year grades down so I can get my scholarship! It's my last chance.

During mass sectionals, (Ms Chong wanted to work with the percussionists and there was no space for proper sectionals so everyone just practiced in the band store lol imagine the noise) played Amparito Roca and Arabesque with Sang Ah because we had some free time and nothing much else to do hahaha. I think I'm deproving, oh no. Better buck up or I can kiss goodbye to ACJC!

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