Friday, May 25, 2012

Mid-Year results 2012

OVERALL for First Semester
English: B3
Chinese: B4
A. Math: A1
E. Math: A1
Chemistry: A1
Physics: A1
Biology: A2
Combined Humanities (SS + Lit): C5
Total percentage: 75

Today's the last day of the term/semester!!! And that also means report books are given out today. I got 3rd in level and 3rd in class, behind Gaby and Jiangyue. FREAKING ECSTATIC I TELL YOU. You've no idea how good it feels to beat all the other smartass people, especially those like Victoria, Hansol etc. Omg. Hahah but I guess I don't mind being a target for other people too. It's actually quite flattering. :-) Anyway, having good results is, like the title says, a double-edged sword. On one hand, you're really happy that you scored well, but on the other hand, you can't openly express your ~joy~ because it's quite insensitive especially if you're around those who didn't do as well. So yeah, you have to kill that little spark of joy inside you. Plus I'm not a very good console-er so that puts me in a really awkward position. Oh well.

I left my report book in school today and started calling everyone to ask if they were still in school and panicking like some mad cow. Luckily Jamie's dad was still in school and he stole it from class for me!!! Going to see Jamie later at Bzb anyway so woo hoo. I really can't wait to make my parents proud. :-) Ever since P3 till Sec 1 I've been getting really disappointing results, so change is definitely welcome.

Oh yes and we celebrated Hazel's birthday early today with songs and chocolate cake! Wasn't very fail and cake tasted good. But we all just took forks and ate the cake straight out like that, how hygienic. Hahah, but it doesn't matter since we're all friends. ;-)

Doesn't feel like the holidays are really here. I mean, there's still band and a truck load of homework waiting for me, WHICH I HAVE YET TO COMPLETE. Darn.

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