Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Batam CIP

Just came home from 4 days in burning Batam!

Everyone says I got a lot tanner but I really don't see the difference.

Batam was, in a nutshell, fun but there were times when I got really pissed. But that always happens, so.

We went to the orphanage and taught the children at Sekolah Theodore (Theodore School). My group was in charge of sports (PE) so we stood under the sun all day! It's really tiring to have to be enthusiastic all the time, especially when you're dead tired. The kids were quite all right to teach, but we had some problems with the Primary 4s.

One boy fell down while running and his friend started crying because he felt guilty about causing his friend to fall. It's quite cute actually ahahahah. There's this boy called Kenny and he plays really good soccer and he's very naughty but he's very handsome also HAHAHA. On Tuesday afternoon, the whole school gathered around the field to watch the upper primary boys play soccer. Kenny's team lost and Kenny was so upset he was emo-ing in a corner and all the SMSS girls came to comfort him LOL. Too handsome already. I think the Indonesian guys look a lot better than most Singaporean guys, hmm.

Okay all these things aside, I learnt a lot from the trip but it isn't something I would really miss. BUT, it was really fun singing songs with the Men On The Mountain and Eden and Siying. ^_^

I didn't really buy much ~shopping~ in Batam. Just bought some friendship band thingys for the MTDC kiddos and the Men OT Mountain, Beng-beng (it's freaking guuud) and this corn chip thing that tastes so asdfghjkly good. I wanted to buy this small backpack with the Batik prints for 70,000 rupiah but I decided against it and now I regret it. :-(

THAT'S ALL. I will now go and marry my bed good night.

P.s. I just spent 3 nights sharing a king sized bed with Rebecca

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