Thursday, May 31, 2012


Procrastination. I suppose we all have problems with that. Lately I've been feeling really lazy. I've not completed a single holiday homework and I'm still doing the Chinese holiday homework given in March. How screwed up is that? Last year, I finished all the homework on like the second day of the school holidays. I guess I could blame the Batam trip for cutting me back, but I'd just be lying to myself. I really need to get my act together and start being a mugger like the rest of the nerds out there. I guess I'm getting a little complacent just because I did fairly well in the Mid Year exams, so I'm just resting on my ~laurels~. What I'm afraid of is that everyone else will start studying like crazy and they will all catch up and.......yeah. I hate being so procrastinate-y. English oral is tomorrow, by the way, and I've not done a single thing to revise for it. St. Marg's is one of the few (or only?!?) school who has oral exams during the holidays AFTER the whole Mid Year exams, wow.

Monday is the Brass Explosion gala concert! Victoria, Nataly, Naasyidah, Mindy, Hua Sze, Si Yi, Jilliane etc etc etc will be performing as Ms Chong had 10 free tickets to give out! I think I'll be going down to support them together with most of the committee. :-) Some MTDC people are also going to be there so 一举两得! (Chinese O-lvls are in a year~!~!) Ok I should get my butt off the bed and do some work. Asdfghjkl.

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