Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blessed to be a Blessing advertorial

Today we had a rehearsal for the aforementioned musical. I have to say that it's coming along pretty well! Mrs Tan and Mrs Yip were there during the later part of the rehearsal to watch a dry run and it was quite well-received! For the first time, I actually believe that the musical will not be a total failure. :-)

However, there is one major problem. The band is sitting in the pit. Okay yes I understand the constraints and all and I'm not exactly complaining (ha), but it would be nice to have some ~air-time~, you know? It's the same logic as doing something and not being credited for it. It's not as if I want the whole world to know that the band had worked for this, I just want to feel like everything was worth it, all the extra rehearsals and moving in and out and all that stuff. I don't think I'll feel the same way I did during any other concert because we aren't even allowed to face the stage. Instead, we are trapped in the abyss of the poorly constructed pit with loose boards and the four black walls closing in on us, having to memorize scores as we are in total darkness. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing and we should all hate it, since I know it can't be helped. There's simply no other way. A way to see it would be that performing was a great privilege bestowed unto us. Hahahahahaha. Anyway I heard that the teachers would be weeding out the poorer/less dedicated players to make more space for the others. A good thing too. It'd improve our overall sound and make more space for everyone else! Right now, Ms Chong hardly has any standing space and imagine her having to stand there for the entire duration of the musical!

All things aside, do come and support us for this musical! It will be worth the $20. All the $50 and $100 tickets are sold and we're only left with 94 tickets! :-) SOLD OUT CONCERT YET AGAIN. (You know it'll be)

P.s. We got a new band teacher today, Mr Wong(ypongy). All the original band teachers (ok original as in since my Sec 1 days) are gone now! First Ms Wee, Ms Zee then now Mr Chew is leaving at the end of the year.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Choose only two

No, you can only choose one. Such is the sad reality of things. Humans are all greedy. We all hunger for more. There is no such thing as "enough" (see "Enough sleep"). But there is only so much that we can handle.

Maybe it is unfair, maybe it's not. But this is reality and reality is not obliged to accommodate you so suck it up and move on. We are all together in this fight for, well, for what, exactly? Perhaps we're all just playing a game of Last Man Standing. I think the name makes it rather self-explanatory. Then there is sacrifice. If you want to achieve something, obviously you will have to make sacrifices for it.

Again, see the wise Yoda above. The desire must be that great for you to be able to forgo certain things just for a sliver of hope of achieving success. It's a gamble. You never really know if it will be worth it in the end, but you try your luck anyway, and pour out your heart and soul and slog your guts out. And for what, you also aren't so sure about. It's ingrained into everyone's mind that success means doing well, etc. Why else would our local compositions be so predictable? "Write about your greatest success" without a doubt, three-quarters of the essays submitted will be about some academic or maybe CCA-related success. We just work for what others tell us we should.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you really want to achieve in life? Instead of just merely existing in this world, being yet another statistic in the world population count, why don't you make your life actually worth the time. Of course, not everyone can be special, not everyone can be great. If everyone is, then no one really is. There will be those that outshine others. It's just a matter of in what area each person stands out in.

I don't really know what I'm trying to drive at, but I like hearing the keys of my laptop click, so there.

Hectic life

I know I've not posted for quite awhile but, really, who has the time now?

Monday: School

Tuesday: Band

Wednesday: Learning journey to Bugis. One group from 3/6 got detained at the holding room by the security guard at Bugis Junction when they asked to interview him! Hahahahaha how unlucky. So then spread the calls warning everyone not to go to Bugis Junction for fear of getting caught again but we just loitered about the food hall so I doubt anyone would see us there. There were some really nice people though! For example, the man from OCBC was really nice and answered all our questions and didn't treat us like a disease. He said he has a sister from St. Marg's too, but 5 years our senior, heh. Also, the receptionist at the National Library was really nice and joked with us hee hee yay for cool adults. Had to go back to school after LJ to discuss about the diorama and all, and had English remedial after that. Mrs Rethinam was like half an hour late so the whole class (well most of the class) played games that remind me of my primary school days! Arm-wrestling, charades, hahaha the works. We had remedial till 4.30pm (?) and got dismissed as we all looked so tired and asdfghjkl.

Thursday: Chinese test (which I memorized 60 idioms for = 240 words) and compo + band

Friday: Assembly was super cool! This C Kulaman dude came to our school to give a talk about the Olympic values and stuff. He was a national sprinter and won some Olympic awards and all, haha. It was pretty interesting! He told a lot of jokes about his height and all that, and shared the story of his ~love life~. Actually no lah, just talked about how he and his wife met (she's Chinese) and got married despite the race thing. His daughters (who are very pretty! Mixed blood beauty ha ha) also married people from other countries so his entire family is like international...kind of thing you get what I mean lah.

So as you can see, my life is pretty boring now. Well, what was I expecting anyway. 12 more weeks to End Year exams!!!

Oh yes, the school put up those lists that list (lol) out the top few for each subject. I'm on everything except for humans (there's no SS/LIT AT ALL WHAT IS THIS) and Chinese, but I'm not complaining (obviously). There's this Amanda girl for 4/6 who's topping, as in literally number 1-ing (ha), the three sciences and both maths. Wowerz. I think this year's batch will do quite well for the O-lvls! Yes that's all hahahahaha ok back to boring sad sleepy life.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beginning of the end

So, school starts tomorrow. :-/ Well that was really unnecessary, unless you live in a hole or something. I printed out 3E5's timetable by accident and got the shock of my life when I saw our English teacher was Mrs Leong. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Mrs Leong (ha ha) but Mrs Rethinam is such a great teacher. :'-)

I digress. I actually kind of look forward to school. This June holiday probably has to be the worst. The days I was not busy in school, I was stuck at home doing absolutely nothing. A terribly mundane month it has been. So yes, maybe it's the nerd side of me kicking in, but I can't wait to submerge myself into endless homework and ~learning~. Maybe it'll allow me to forget all the other problems...I was planning to do a really ~emotional~ post and yadayada but I don't think I have time. Not if I want to get started on school work tonight. I really cannot afford to slacken. Well, so that's it I guess. :-) Ha ha you should all be thankful you don't have to read long boring post (well maybe this is one but).

Tweet jailed

I don't like being tweet jailed so annoying sigh pie says the magpie hahahahahaha I am a born poet. Moving on. I hate how my hair gets so nice and soft and smooth at night just when I'm about to sleep and in the morning it looks like hurricane Katrina again. What is this!!! My thoughts are incoherent now as it is 0033 in the morning. Well duh. All right. Yes this is the result of being tweet jailed. All your thoughts just jumble together into one messy blog post that will bore everyone to sleep. Wow. Ok everyone should sleep now so......everyone read this right now now now! :-) That's enough, go to sleep.

In 3..2..*disappears*

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Club Med Cherating

Day 1:
Woke up at the ungodly hour of 0530 and stumbled to get ready/dressed/out of the house. We cabbed to Newton Circus where we were one of the first few to arrive! Thus, we decided to go eat some early breakfast at the nearby hawker center.

By the time we were done, we were the last ones up the bus, perfect. HAHAHA. Had a really nauseating 8 hours in the bus and finally reached Club Med at around 1310! I was so grumpy and so didn't smile back at the friendly G.O.s who welcomed us, oops. Saw my uncle and his family there as they were getting ready to leave that same day!

I think I like our room (bottom photo) better than our parents'!

This cool train/tram brings guests from the lodging part of the resort to the beach!

Spent the first day at the beach, going sailing with Pascal, who brought us further out than other G.O.s. ^_^

On the way back up shore, I saw this crab-like thing and poked it and realized that it was a jellyfish. :'-( OWOWOWOWOWOW yes daz right. I didn't want to look like a wimp so I just said it was nothing hahahaha but the G.O.s gave me some vinegar and ice to numb the ~pain~.

At the bar, my dad ordered Cherating Punch which is basically orange with vodka and it was guuuud. I wanted to order but I was underage but I guess the barista felt a little awkward (y'know, 'cos G.O.s are the really ~cool~ hip type hahahah) and gave me the drink. ;-) He (he's Joe) said that they're allowed to give alcoholic drinks to underage people if the parents allow, so yay! Hahahaha anyway Joe is really very nice and he's from Sarawak and yup he kept joking with us. Yay for friendly people! 

After the beach, we washed off the salt in the pool (it's not that gross) but it turns out the pool is even dirtier! Imagine the hordes of people in there everyday! The water was chalky/cloudy and there were particles of ~things~ floating around everywhere.

The sun deck chaises and pool area is really so relaxing, I could just lie there for ever!

A water polo game in the pool for the guests to participate in!

There was an Ironman competition after dinner and this dude (Peter from Perth ;-)) won and he acted like a total celebrity the rest of the trip, pft.

Day 2:


(See!!! So close to the top :()

During rock-climbing, I gave up halfway because I couldn't find anywhere to climb anymore and kept knocking the rocks on the way down. :-( The dude kept yelling at me to "keep your legs apart!" and "straighten your legs!" but I'm just accident-prone/clumsy so ended up with loads of bruises and a bloody knee.

It was only when I saw the photos later on that I realized I was THIS close to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tree Top Adventuring with Dad!

Check out the photo-bombing G.O.!

Jun-bin went on the kids version of the Tree Top Adventure. He really enjoyed it though the obstacles are really hardly obstacles at all.

The show that night was hilarious!!! A great ending to an eventful day. :)

Day 3:
Entire day at the beach getting burnt and saw this huge jellyfish which split into half. I think it evaporated. No one will ever know. I caught a lot of hermit crabs and put them in a plastic cup and watched them fight to the death, hahaha Hunger Games style. But then it took too long and I dumped it in the sand. At least most of them survived. ;-)

Showtime that night was by the circus team and it was AMAZING. Like really, truly, incredibly, wondrously, AMAZING. They did a lot of stunts (circus, so duh) and yeah it's super cool. It's supposed to be a haunted house kind of thing, haha.

After the show, there was a ghost train, which is basically 6 people walking through this ~spooky~ area thing at a time. :-) Like a haunted house. The village chief, Daniel, joked that "You know you can go in, but you don't know if you can come out" HAHAHA ok. Anyway, it was quite scary and most of the kids came out crying hahahahahah. Ok it's not funny. :-(

Day 4:

(ew frizzy hair but yay cool legs)

Did the trapeze again and finally got my knees up!!! After doing the trapeze four times, your hands have barely any skin left.

Yes so that's Club Med Cherating in a nutshell. :-) I kind of would like to work there some time, haha. It's really cool!

RIP Havaianas

Yesterday while at Clementi Mall, my Havaianas flip flop strap broke! Like super random timing, I don't even know why it broke. Had to resort to buying flip flops from Cotton On, those cheap $5 with any purchase ones. :'-( Haha, the original price was $9.95 so we decided to buy this $1 charity bracelet things so we could get the flip flops for $5. ;-) ANYWAY. I tried to revive my Havaianas at home but the super glue hardened and yeah boo hoo poo. :'-( No matter. I'm going to save up to buy another pair soon! There's a 50% sale until the end of July at Havaianas. ;-) After wearing ~quality~ shoes for some time, you can feel the difference between the good stuff and the knock-offs. Plus the Cotton Ons look like penguin feet, ugh. I feel quite bad for wasting that $5 since I know I'll hardly wear it, but well, desperate times call for desperate measures. :-/

Oh, I found this website this morning which gave me an idea on how to revive my Havaianas! HERE. Hopefully it'll work (if I actually get my lazy butt off the bed and start on it)

But for now, bye bye beautiful shuzzz :'-( It's been a magical year with you, HAHAHA.


I sewed a button attached to the strap thingy, pricked my fingers countless times (my hands must look like cheese) but still did it in the end! But just to be on the safe side, next time I wear the flip flops, I'm going to bring along an extra pair of sandals. ;-)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Amanda Bieber

Recently, this Amanda Bieber girl was flamed online for tweeting really....UGH tweets, tweets that were racist and insulted other religions. I'm sure most of you have heard about it. She's 13 years old. As much as I'd love to hate on her, and I must say it's really very tempting, she's just an immature little girl who has no idea what consequences her actions bring about. In fact, I think she might be thrilled by the "fame" or rather, notoriety. So the worst thing that we can do to her is to forget her, and move on with our lives. :-)

Yes I know I haven't posted in ages but I'll do a post about Club Med (which was  g r e a t  by the way!) and other stuff soon, promise!

One more thing, Amanda's Twitter name is @MandaSwaggie. Why are we bothered by someone who actually wants to call herself "swaggie"?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I was insanely bored today so I decided to finish watching Glee Season 3! I always put off the four or five episodes because Glee kind of got really boring for me but now I'm pretty glad I didn't! For once I actually sat through the entire show and skipped maybe only five songs! Haha, I'm guilty of just skipping the singing parts and cut to the ~drama~. But since I had a lot of time on my hands (I prefer to honour the true meaning of "holiday"), I listened to every thing while eating some cheese flavoured instant noodles which don't taste cheesy at all! Good thing though, because I'm no fan of cheese.

I digress. So if you haven't watched the season finale of Glee, you should go watch it, even if you don't follow the show! TEAM RACHEL&FINN/KURT&BLAINE!!! Ok I am not going to turn into a Gleek. Anyhoo, I don't think there'll be a Season 4 because really, without the ~main stars~, there's no story left to tell! Ok correction: no interesting story left to tell. Yes. So now I have 1 hour before I go run and then it's tym fo Bzb. YES I NID 2 EXERCISE. (typing like Kelley hee)

Oh yes Daphne gave Kelley her super belated birthday gift today! It's a pair of Supras that her cousin in America bought because apparently it's cheaper in America? Anyway it cost a lot and Kelley is a lucky duck and she was so happy today hee hee hee. Quote, "I'M ON CLOUD NINEEEEEEEEEE".

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Finally stopped procrastinating and did my Chinese homework today yay. :-) Now I can safely say I'm done with everything. ^_^ Went to town with the father and brother to ~shop~ since I have no money. :-( The brother spent ages in Toys'R'Us and stores like that and finally bought this Lego thing. By then, the father and brother were tired so they sat at Food Republic while I ~roamed around~ hee hee.

Tried on so many things at F21 and narrowed the list down to a pair of shorts and a floral-printed dress, but the dress had a hole at the back and it just looked so out of place I decided against it. Because F21 only allows you to try on 4 items at any time, and because I was alone, and because I found the shorts quite early on, I hid them somewhere in a pile of ugly shorts so no one would ever find them HAHA. They're the only ones in my size! The rest were either 30/31 which I might as well not wear shorts at all. Anyway so when I came out of the dressing room, this lady was holding it and kept talking to one of the salesgirls! I didn't know if she was a customer or what so I just stood there awkwardly waiting for her to either put down the shorts or pay for it. Hahahahaha spent like 10 minutes trying to ~blend in~ with the crowd while staring at her (the shorts!!!)!!! Turns out she was a salesgirl too except she didn't wear the black polo tee like the others. That I learnt when I finally got the courage to ask her, or because the mother found me in F21 and gave me the ultimatum - either I ask or not get the shorts at all. Ha ha. Ok anyway I bought it (or rather mom bought it) for $26.10 hahaha quite happy with it. :-)

Oh and some girl (ha ha perks of being in a girl's school) created @BadLuckStMargs and her tweets are so relevant and spot-on it's better than @TheFakeSMSS hee hee

Monday, June 11, 2012

iTunes problems

It's so hard to move videos into iTunes ugh why oh whyyyyyyyy. I found the old Sec 1 recital videos as well as the MTDC Ensemble Concert videos! Yayerz but they can't seem to load inside iTunes. I am a total technology noob so never trust me with any computer stuff I might just explode your computer.

On a lighter note,
Vans Warehouse Sale: 190 MacPherson Road, 8th to 16th June!
Better not buy all the nice shoes I want nice shoes. I have too many shoes but heck it.

Decided to go swimming today since it was so hot and I really couldn't stand it. Impromptu yay. Went to JCube after that and bought an overpriced but delightfully worth it chocolate cheese macaron (/macaroon?!) from Pique.Nique! I love love love macarons (/macaroons) but they make me afraid to weigh myself sob. At least everyone else is getting fatter....tee hee. There's height and weight taking immediately after school reopens and our PE teacher isn't going to be Mr Chan anymore sob ok not really sob I take back the sob.

Also, I'm thinking of starting a blogshop to sell off all the stuff that I don't really want or can't fit into anymore! Too lazy to take photos of them though. But rest assured, if I ever do start a blogshop, all the stuff will be of good quality! ;-) Yup free advertising woo hoo.

Ok, now back to agonizing over stupid iPod.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

iPod nano swek

Currently downloading songs into my iPod now, hee. I found my old iPod, the nano version with the circle inside and a fat body! I wonder how many people still have it. Well,  decided to bring it to Cherating with me to sustain me through the 8-hour coach ride. I heard there is going to be some in-house gaming screen or whatever. Basically those thing you find on the back of the headrest of the person in front of you. But well what if it's spoilt or something? I don't want to die of boredom please I'm 2 kewl 4 dat.

Anyway, because I'm such a music noob (being a band geek does not count), I'm downloading songs based on what I see from the Bilboard charts. Ha.

And I heard Waisiang read my blog aw yay more readers ha ha ha. (-:

I wonder how I'll survive this week. Too much time on my hands and too little to do. Sigh piezxc. (That shall be my catch phrase from now on yayerz ha ha ha)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Clearing out my stuff

Am I cute or am I cute?!? Haha ok maybe *was would be more accurate. :-( Found this photo and a lot of other random stuff while clearing out my room today! I was that bored. Anyway now I have so much space there is only one thing to!!! Tee hee.

Lunch with grandparents and uncle from Hong Kong tomorrow then cycling at ECP then buffet at Raffles Town Club woo hoo. I don't really care about my weight anymore ha ha. Not looking fat is good enough for me. Hm, maybe I have too much muscle.../flex/ NAH.


Barbies that have not been touched in eons.

How useful MTDC theory was to us: 0
Free brain-frying 2 hours every Saturday yay

Pei Hwa PE T-shirt that everyone asked everyone else to sign on on the last day of school. Sigh, don't know whether to throw it away or not. :'/

First Suite and Arabesque, MTDC version. ;-)
Which reminds me, we played First Suite in Eb in band today! After Ms Chong worked with the brasses and woodwinds separately, it sounded pretty decent! As in, just Chaconne. There's still a long way to go but we're making progress! YAYERZ. Haha for the first time, I felt ~important~ because I had nice parts that brasses had and nice parts that woodwinds had. Ok I think this will only make sense to band people. Hee. And we also played Of Dreams and Legends which my score, for once, does not consist of football notes all the way woo hoo. And there's melody and soli (?)! :-) Satisfied.

Oh and also, Ang Mo Kio band had their Passing Out Parade today! Nicholas is the Band Major woah woah woah. ;-) Tee hee, I expect to see a lot of MTDC people in NCO! As in, when we go support Qinwen during her POP. ;-) We (SMSB) used to have POP but now suddenly don't have already. :-( It's like a band tradition and we failed to ~preserve~ it, sigh piezxc. I remember Jing Ying telling me about POP in Sec 1 and I couldn't wait to have my own POP. But I guess now it's just wishful thinking. :/

Kelley wrote this song for me before I left for Australia last year HAHAHA SHE HAS TALENT MAN.

Ok that's about all.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Good ol' days


Sang Ah's still here, haha. Taking a break from doing the lit. holiday assignment! It's driving me nuts how teachers always give us assignments with hardly any proper instructions on how we're supposed to present it, etc.! It's so frustrating, ugh. At least Sang Ah's here to share the pain with me. :'-(

Band today was ~meh~. Ms Chong said she'd borrow the First Suite in Eb original score from Fu Hua so we can play it! I hope she remembers though. We had tutoring and spent half the time fixing Lim Ning's instrument and doing the usual complaining about reeds stuff hahaha. Oh yes, Lim An and her sister cut Lim Ning's hair for her and now she looks so cute!!! Like a mushroom, haha. Oh my gad I can't even. Yup.

So, Sang Ah and I have been multi-tasking, doing lit and listening to band pieces like the band geeks we are. She started playing Blue Ridge Saga and suddenly I was reminded of our Sec 1 days. Ok technically we didn't share the same ~memories~ because she DSA-ed into SMSS and was in Main Band from the start (I'm the only person who didn't DSA in our little MTDC gang sob/yay hahaha). Anyway, we played Blue Ridge Saga, Concerto D'Amore and Baker Street March for the Sec 1 recital during my year. The level of difficulty of these pieces, as compared to say, Unchained Melody or Yellow Bird (srsly?!?) was like a huge difference. If that difference was physical, a mammoth could easily roll around in it in comfort. I just feel so sad, that our standard has dropped so drastically in a matter of only a few years! Sigh, but how do we improve the standard of the band?!? It all has to do with individual effort and that can't be forced. The last SYF is in 10 months, but I don't think many people feel the sense of urgency they ought to feel. There's talk of having a Limelight concert next year, in the early part of the year. Really? I don't think we're up to it. I'd rather it be at the end of the year, and we can play as Alumni Band. :-) Well, enough ranting. Back to lit. Sigh piezxc.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

New KedsKicks

Went to town today with the family to eat dim sum buffet at Lao Beijing and then shopped around and bought these floral print Keds'! So pretty /swoons/ tee hee. Sang Ah's coming over tomorrow but we're just going to do the lit assignment sigh piezxc life is boring.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Band Games Day!

Today was Games Day for band! Hahahahahaha the games were kind of lame but everyone had fun so that's the most important thing. :-)

We watched this Japanese movie about band stuff (what else?) and it was quite good, except for all the bimbo girls!!! They are worse than me ok like, REAL BIMBOS, if there even is such thing. But the music was good, it was jazz music. I think it motivated the band to want to improve but...well. 

Had a lot of fun talking to Naasyidah they all though hee hee hee.

The Brass Explosion concert is later and everyone's talking about how fun it is etc. Naasyidah even got James Morrison's autograph and took an instax with him, omg. I'm so sad I'm not a brass player and I miss out on all these...OH WELL.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Johor Premium Outlet

Went to Malaysia to the Johor Premium Outlet today after church to do some shopping, since this holidays we aren't going anywhere where there's ~shopping~ (AHEM CLUBMED WOO HOO)! There's not much shops there that's particularly worth the 3 hour drive there (traffic jam at causeway and typing in wrong addresses in GPS calls for 3 hours stuck in the car). But bought a pair of Levi's and some stuff from Cotton On. :-) HAHAHA Cotton On. But still! On the way back at the Singapore customs, the dude in front of us got busted for bringing gum into Singapore. HAHAHAHA unlucky x infinity.

Tomorrow's 170th rehearsal practice is cancelled so we're having Games Day + Movie + Section Talk. Lim Ning won't be there so Section Talk = Me and Tan Qi how pathetic. HAHAHA. Also, there's the Brass Explosion concert tomorrow, and Naasyidah, Victoria, Mindy, Kristine etc are going to perform. AND I CAN'T GO. What in the world is this. >:( Sigh piezxc. But it's okay, I know they'll do well. Just that. Oh welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. I really feel like pooping now ok can. Holiday homework is still waiting for me. At least I won't be alone this holiday.

Friday, June 01, 2012

English Oral

English oral is in like 2 hours time and I have no idea what to do. Actually I have some idea of what to do but nonetheless I'm very nervous. Asdfghjkl I wish I were like one of the first few people in the register order so I can quickly get this over and done with. Or if I were playing a brass instrument so I can go for Brass Explosion workshop instead of oral! This is madness I probably will have a lot of time to panic in school so o well. Yes I realize my blog is really boring and it bores everyone unless you want to stalk my life but well too bad sux 4 u 2 b u