Monday, June 04, 2012

Band Games Day!

Today was Games Day for band! Hahahahahaha the games were kind of lame but everyone had fun so that's the most important thing. :-)

We watched this Japanese movie about band stuff (what else?) and it was quite good, except for all the bimbo girls!!! They are worse than me ok like, REAL BIMBOS, if there even is such thing. But the music was good, it was jazz music. I think it motivated the band to want to improve but...well. 

Had a lot of fun talking to Naasyidah they all though hee hee hee.

The Brass Explosion concert is later and everyone's talking about how fun it is etc. Naasyidah even got James Morrison's autograph and took an instax with him, omg. I'm so sad I'm not a brass player and I miss out on all these...OH WELL.

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