Thursday, June 07, 2012

Good ol' days


Sang Ah's still here, haha. Taking a break from doing the lit. holiday assignment! It's driving me nuts how teachers always give us assignments with hardly any proper instructions on how we're supposed to present it, etc.! It's so frustrating, ugh. At least Sang Ah's here to share the pain with me. :'-(

Band today was ~meh~. Ms Chong said she'd borrow the First Suite in Eb original score from Fu Hua so we can play it! I hope she remembers though. We had tutoring and spent half the time fixing Lim Ning's instrument and doing the usual complaining about reeds stuff hahaha. Oh yes, Lim An and her sister cut Lim Ning's hair for her and now she looks so cute!!! Like a mushroom, haha. Oh my gad I can't even. Yup.

So, Sang Ah and I have been multi-tasking, doing lit and listening to band pieces like the band geeks we are. She started playing Blue Ridge Saga and suddenly I was reminded of our Sec 1 days. Ok technically we didn't share the same ~memories~ because she DSA-ed into SMSS and was in Main Band from the start (I'm the only person who didn't DSA in our little MTDC gang sob/yay hahaha). Anyway, we played Blue Ridge Saga, Concerto D'Amore and Baker Street March for the Sec 1 recital during my year. The level of difficulty of these pieces, as compared to say, Unchained Melody or Yellow Bird (srsly?!?) was like a huge difference. If that difference was physical, a mammoth could easily roll around in it in comfort. I just feel so sad, that our standard has dropped so drastically in a matter of only a few years! Sigh, but how do we improve the standard of the band?!? It all has to do with individual effort and that can't be forced. The last SYF is in 10 months, but I don't think many people feel the sense of urgency they ought to feel. There's talk of having a Limelight concert next year, in the early part of the year. Really? I don't think we're up to it. I'd rather it be at the end of the year, and we can play as Alumni Band. :-) Well, enough ranting. Back to lit. Sigh piezxc.

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