Saturday, June 09, 2012

Clearing out my stuff

Am I cute or am I cute?!? Haha ok maybe *was would be more accurate. :-( Found this photo and a lot of other random stuff while clearing out my room today! I was that bored. Anyway now I have so much space there is only one thing to!!! Tee hee.

Lunch with grandparents and uncle from Hong Kong tomorrow then cycling at ECP then buffet at Raffles Town Club woo hoo. I don't really care about my weight anymore ha ha. Not looking fat is good enough for me. Hm, maybe I have too much muscle.../flex/ NAH.


Barbies that have not been touched in eons.

How useful MTDC theory was to us: 0
Free brain-frying 2 hours every Saturday yay

Pei Hwa PE T-shirt that everyone asked everyone else to sign on on the last day of school. Sigh, don't know whether to throw it away or not. :'/

First Suite and Arabesque, MTDC version. ;-)
Which reminds me, we played First Suite in Eb in band today! After Ms Chong worked with the brasses and woodwinds separately, it sounded pretty decent! As in, just Chaconne. There's still a long way to go but we're making progress! YAYERZ. Haha for the first time, I felt ~important~ because I had nice parts that brasses had and nice parts that woodwinds had. Ok I think this will only make sense to band people. Hee. And we also played Of Dreams and Legends which my score, for once, does not consist of football notes all the way woo hoo. And there's melody and soli (?)! :-) Satisfied.

Oh and also, Ang Mo Kio band had their Passing Out Parade today! Nicholas is the Band Major woah woah woah. ;-) Tee hee, I expect to see a lot of MTDC people in NCO! As in, when we go support Qinwen during her POP. ;-) We (SMSB) used to have POP but now suddenly don't have already. :-( It's like a band tradition and we failed to ~preserve~ it, sigh piezxc. I remember Jing Ying telling me about POP in Sec 1 and I couldn't wait to have my own POP. But I guess now it's just wishful thinking. :/

Kelley wrote this song for me before I left for Australia last year HAHAHA SHE HAS TALENT MAN.

Ok that's about all.

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