Monday, June 11, 2012

iTunes problems

It's so hard to move videos into iTunes ugh why oh whyyyyyyyy. I found the old Sec 1 recital videos as well as the MTDC Ensemble Concert videos! Yayerz but they can't seem to load inside iTunes. I am a total technology noob so never trust me with any computer stuff I might just explode your computer.

On a lighter note,
Vans Warehouse Sale: 190 MacPherson Road, 8th to 16th June!
Better not buy all the nice shoes I want nice shoes. I have too many shoes but heck it.

Decided to go swimming today since it was so hot and I really couldn't stand it. Impromptu yay. Went to JCube after that and bought an overpriced but delightfully worth it chocolate cheese macaron (/macaroon?!) from Pique.Nique! I love love love macarons (/macaroons) but they make me afraid to weigh myself sob. At least everyone else is getting fatter....tee hee. There's height and weight taking immediately after school reopens and our PE teacher isn't going to be Mr Chan anymore sob ok not really sob I take back the sob.

Also, I'm thinking of starting a blogshop to sell off all the stuff that I don't really want or can't fit into anymore! Too lazy to take photos of them though. But rest assured, if I ever do start a blogshop, all the stuff will be of good quality! ;-) Yup free advertising woo hoo.

Ok, now back to agonizing over stupid iPod.