Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Finally stopped procrastinating and did my Chinese homework today yay. :-) Now I can safely say I'm done with everything. ^_^ Went to town with the father and brother to ~shop~ since I have no money. :-( The brother spent ages in Toys'R'Us and stores like that and finally bought this Lego thing. By then, the father and brother were tired so they sat at Food Republic while I ~roamed around~ hee hee.

Tried on so many things at F21 and narrowed the list down to a pair of shorts and a floral-printed dress, but the dress had a hole at the back and it just looked so out of place I decided against it. Because F21 only allows you to try on 4 items at any time, and because I was alone, and because I found the shorts quite early on, I hid them somewhere in a pile of ugly shorts so no one would ever find them HAHA. They're the only ones in my size! The rest were either 30/31 which I might as well not wear shorts at all. Anyway so when I came out of the dressing room, this lady was holding it and kept talking to one of the salesgirls! I didn't know if she was a customer or what so I just stood there awkwardly waiting for her to either put down the shorts or pay for it. Hahahahaha spent like 10 minutes trying to ~blend in~ with the crowd while staring at her (the shorts!!!)!!! Turns out she was a salesgirl too except she didn't wear the black polo tee like the others. That I learnt when I finally got the courage to ask her, or because the mother found me in F21 and gave me the ultimatum - either I ask or not get the shorts at all. Ha ha. Ok anyway I bought it (or rather mom bought it) for $26.10 hahaha quite happy with it. :-)

Oh and some girl (ha ha perks of being in a girl's school) created @BadLuckStMargs and her tweets are so relevant and spot-on it's better than @TheFakeSMSS hee hee

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