Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I was insanely bored today so I decided to finish watching Glee Season 3! I always put off the four or five episodes because Glee kind of got really boring for me but now I'm pretty glad I didn't! For once I actually sat through the entire show and skipped maybe only five songs! Haha, I'm guilty of just skipping the singing parts and cut to the ~drama~. But since I had a lot of time on my hands (I prefer to honour the true meaning of "holiday"), I listened to every thing while eating some cheese flavoured instant noodles which don't taste cheesy at all! Good thing though, because I'm no fan of cheese.

I digress. So if you haven't watched the season finale of Glee, you should go watch it, even if you don't follow the show! TEAM RACHEL&FINN/KURT&BLAINE!!! Ok I am not going to turn into a Gleek. Anyhoo, I don't think there'll be a Season 4 because really, without the ~main stars~, there's no story left to tell! Ok correction: no interesting story left to tell. Yes. So now I have 1 hour before I go run and then it's tym fo Bzb. YES I NID 2 EXERCISE. (typing like Kelley hee)

Oh yes Daphne gave Kelley her super belated birthday gift today! It's a pair of Supras that her cousin in America bought because apparently it's cheaper in America? Anyway it cost a lot and Kelley is a lucky duck and she was so happy today hee hee hee. Quote, "I'M ON CLOUD NINEEEEEEEEEE".

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