Saturday, June 23, 2012

Club Med Cherating

Day 1:
Woke up at the ungodly hour of 0530 and stumbled to get ready/dressed/out of the house. We cabbed to Newton Circus where we were one of the first few to arrive! Thus, we decided to go eat some early breakfast at the nearby hawker center.

By the time we were done, we were the last ones up the bus, perfect. HAHAHA. Had a really nauseating 8 hours in the bus and finally reached Club Med at around 1310! I was so grumpy and so didn't smile back at the friendly G.O.s who welcomed us, oops. Saw my uncle and his family there as they were getting ready to leave that same day!

I think I like our room (bottom photo) better than our parents'!

This cool train/tram brings guests from the lodging part of the resort to the beach!

Spent the first day at the beach, going sailing with Pascal, who brought us further out than other G.O.s. ^_^

On the way back up shore, I saw this crab-like thing and poked it and realized that it was a jellyfish. :'-( OWOWOWOWOWOW yes daz right. I didn't want to look like a wimp so I just said it was nothing hahahaha but the G.O.s gave me some vinegar and ice to numb the ~pain~.

At the bar, my dad ordered Cherating Punch which is basically orange with vodka and it was guuuud. I wanted to order but I was underage but I guess the barista felt a little awkward (y'know, 'cos G.O.s are the really ~cool~ hip type hahahah) and gave me the drink. ;-) He (he's Joe) said that they're allowed to give alcoholic drinks to underage people if the parents allow, so yay! Hahahaha anyway Joe is really very nice and he's from Sarawak and yup he kept joking with us. Yay for friendly people! 

After the beach, we washed off the salt in the pool (it's not that gross) but it turns out the pool is even dirtier! Imagine the hordes of people in there everyday! The water was chalky/cloudy and there were particles of ~things~ floating around everywhere.

The sun deck chaises and pool area is really so relaxing, I could just lie there for ever!

A water polo game in the pool for the guests to participate in!

There was an Ironman competition after dinner and this dude (Peter from Perth ;-)) won and he acted like a total celebrity the rest of the trip, pft.

Day 2:


(See!!! So close to the top :()

During rock-climbing, I gave up halfway because I couldn't find anywhere to climb anymore and kept knocking the rocks on the way down. :-( The dude kept yelling at me to "keep your legs apart!" and "straighten your legs!" but I'm just accident-prone/clumsy so ended up with loads of bruises and a bloody knee.

It was only when I saw the photos later on that I realized I was THIS close to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tree Top Adventuring with Dad!

Check out the photo-bombing G.O.!

Jun-bin went on the kids version of the Tree Top Adventure. He really enjoyed it though the obstacles are really hardly obstacles at all.

The show that night was hilarious!!! A great ending to an eventful day. :)

Day 3:
Entire day at the beach getting burnt and saw this huge jellyfish which split into half. I think it evaporated. No one will ever know. I caught a lot of hermit crabs and put them in a plastic cup and watched them fight to the death, hahaha Hunger Games style. But then it took too long and I dumped it in the sand. At least most of them survived. ;-)

Showtime that night was by the circus team and it was AMAZING. Like really, truly, incredibly, wondrously, AMAZING. They did a lot of stunts (circus, so duh) and yeah it's super cool. It's supposed to be a haunted house kind of thing, haha.

After the show, there was a ghost train, which is basically 6 people walking through this ~spooky~ area thing at a time. :-) Like a haunted house. The village chief, Daniel, joked that "You know you can go in, but you don't know if you can come out" HAHAHA ok. Anyway, it was quite scary and most of the kids came out crying hahahahahah. Ok it's not funny. :-(

Day 4:

(ew frizzy hair but yay cool legs)

Did the trapeze again and finally got my knees up!!! After doing the trapeze four times, your hands have barely any skin left.

Yes so that's Club Med Cherating in a nutshell. :-) I kind of would like to work there some time, haha. It's really cool!

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