Friday, June 29, 2012

Hectic life

I know I've not posted for quite awhile but, really, who has the time now?

Monday: School

Tuesday: Band

Wednesday: Learning journey to Bugis. One group from 3/6 got detained at the holding room by the security guard at Bugis Junction when they asked to interview him! Hahahahaha how unlucky. So then spread the calls warning everyone not to go to Bugis Junction for fear of getting caught again but we just loitered about the food hall so I doubt anyone would see us there. There were some really nice people though! For example, the man from OCBC was really nice and answered all our questions and didn't treat us like a disease. He said he has a sister from St. Marg's too, but 5 years our senior, heh. Also, the receptionist at the National Library was really nice and joked with us hee hee yay for cool adults. Had to go back to school after LJ to discuss about the diorama and all, and had English remedial after that. Mrs Rethinam was like half an hour late so the whole class (well most of the class) played games that remind me of my primary school days! Arm-wrestling, charades, hahaha the works. We had remedial till 4.30pm (?) and got dismissed as we all looked so tired and asdfghjkl.

Thursday: Chinese test (which I memorized 60 idioms for = 240 words) and compo + band

Friday: Assembly was super cool! This C Kulaman dude came to our school to give a talk about the Olympic values and stuff. He was a national sprinter and won some Olympic awards and all, haha. It was pretty interesting! He told a lot of jokes about his height and all that, and shared the story of his ~love life~. Actually no lah, just talked about how he and his wife met (she's Chinese) and got married despite the race thing. His daughters (who are very pretty! Mixed blood beauty ha ha) also married people from other countries so his entire family is like international...kind of thing you get what I mean lah.

So as you can see, my life is pretty boring now. Well, what was I expecting anyway. 12 more weeks to End Year exams!!!

Oh yes, the school put up those lists that list (lol) out the top few for each subject. I'm on everything except for humans (there's no SS/LIT AT ALL WHAT IS THIS) and Chinese, but I'm not complaining (obviously). There's this Amanda girl for 4/6 who's topping, as in literally number 1-ing (ha), the three sciences and both maths. Wowerz. I think this year's batch will do quite well for the O-lvls! Yes that's all hahahahaha ok back to boring sad sleepy life.

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