Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blessed to be a Blessing advertorial

Today we had a rehearsal for the aforementioned musical. I have to say that it's coming along pretty well! Mrs Tan and Mrs Yip were there during the later part of the rehearsal to watch a dry run and it was quite well-received! For the first time, I actually believe that the musical will not be a total failure. :-)

However, there is one major problem. The band is sitting in the pit. Okay yes I understand the constraints and all and I'm not exactly complaining (ha), but it would be nice to have some ~air-time~, you know? It's the same logic as doing something and not being credited for it. It's not as if I want the whole world to know that the band had worked for this, I just want to feel like everything was worth it, all the extra rehearsals and moving in and out and all that stuff. I don't think I'll feel the same way I did during any other concert because we aren't even allowed to face the stage. Instead, we are trapped in the abyss of the poorly constructed pit with loose boards and the four black walls closing in on us, having to memorize scores as we are in total darkness. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing and we should all hate it, since I know it can't be helped. There's simply no other way. A way to see it would be that performing was a great privilege bestowed unto us. Hahahahahaha. Anyway I heard that the teachers would be weeding out the poorer/less dedicated players to make more space for the others. A good thing too. It'd improve our overall sound and make more space for everyone else! Right now, Ms Chong hardly has any standing space and imagine her having to stand there for the entire duration of the musical!

All things aside, do come and support us for this musical! It will be worth the $20. All the $50 and $100 tickets are sold and we're only left with 94 tickets! :-) SOLD OUT CONCERT YET AGAIN. (You know it'll be)

P.s. We got a new band teacher today, Mr Wong(ypongy). All the original band teachers (ok original as in since my Sec 1 days) are gone now! First Ms Wee, Ms Zee then now Mr Chew is leaving at the end of the year.

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