Friday, June 29, 2012

Choose only two

No, you can only choose one. Such is the sad reality of things. Humans are all greedy. We all hunger for more. There is no such thing as "enough" (see "Enough sleep"). But there is only so much that we can handle.

Maybe it is unfair, maybe it's not. But this is reality and reality is not obliged to accommodate you so suck it up and move on. We are all together in this fight for, well, for what, exactly? Perhaps we're all just playing a game of Last Man Standing. I think the name makes it rather self-explanatory. Then there is sacrifice. If you want to achieve something, obviously you will have to make sacrifices for it.

Again, see the wise Yoda above. The desire must be that great for you to be able to forgo certain things just for a sliver of hope of achieving success. It's a gamble. You never really know if it will be worth it in the end, but you try your luck anyway, and pour out your heart and soul and slog your guts out. And for what, you also aren't so sure about. It's ingrained into everyone's mind that success means doing well, etc. Why else would our local compositions be so predictable? "Write about your greatest success" without a doubt, three-quarters of the essays submitted will be about some academic or maybe CCA-related success. We just work for what others tell us we should.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you really want to achieve in life? Instead of just merely existing in this world, being yet another statistic in the world population count, why don't you make your life actually worth the time. Of course, not everyone can be special, not everyone can be great. If everyone is, then no one really is. There will be those that outshine others. It's just a matter of in what area each person stands out in.

I don't really know what I'm trying to drive at, but I like hearing the keys of my laptop click, so there.

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