Monday, July 30, 2012


This is the video that the SINGA Award girls showed for contact time today! I started crying in the middle of it and Clare was like laughing at me hahahaha. Low EQ! We were supposed to take an EQ quiz or whatever and I have average EQ. Haha, they say girls usually have higher EQs than guys. I must be a guy. I don't think I have very high EQ. Kelley says that I'm super oblivious to everything like some blur kid hehe o well. Maybe I make up for my lack of EQ with IQ. ;-)))))))))) Ok kidding I must be humble *ahem*

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Katakura Concert

Went for the Katakura High concert last night at the Esplanade with almost the entire band! Met up with the section and Euphos before that for dinner, but the Euphos were watching Batman and they didn't know the movie ended at like 6.30pm!!! So they had about 20 minutes to eat, after getting lost trying to find us hee hee.

The Katakura concert is like the Highlight Concert for the Asia-Pacific Band festival something blah blah. SOMETHING LIKE THAT. And it's organized by the Band Director's Association Singapore, and Brando Tan is the president! Ms Chong is the secretary haha wow no wonder last time during MTDC Brando Tan always asked us to "say hi to Ms Chong for me". Marvin Khoo was the emcee and when he came out, he was like "I'm Marvin, your emcee for tonight" and at the same time I gasped "Omgad Marvin Khoo!!!" and then I gestured excitedly to Sang Ah who was sitting behind me hahahaha.

The concert was really good like asdfghjkl. I cannot fathom how bands can be this good. There were quite a few soloists and the oboe guy who played countless solos was so enthusiastic. During the pieces where the band people had to do gimmicks and all, he was the one jumping the highest and shouting the loudest HAHA. When a line of Katakura guys danced in front of the stage, Sandra and I kept spazzing over how handsome/cute they were!!! We were sitting at like the fifth row from the front so we could see them very clearly. ;-) I am 17436983% sure the F Horn guy was staring at me as he sang. ;-)

During intermission, Naasyidah and I went to disturb Aloysius a bit (yes the Ang Mo Kio people were there too!) about his Joelle who he keeps moaning about to everyone. Literally everyone. Yep fun times with MTDC buds. I made Nicholas ask his band to give a standing ovation at the end of the concert or towards the end when standing ovations are appropriate because everyone has to listen to him as he's the Band Major! But Nicholas, being Nicholas, left me standing up alone with Sandra during one of the "fun" pieces towards the end. Haha ok not really just the two of us. Some guys sitting in front (Ping Yi Sec according to their shirts) were standing up too haha. And then during another song, one of the more standing ovation-y kinds, we stood up again and EVERYONE ELSE FOLLOWED. Everyone as in St. Marg's Band and then the rest of the audience. Hahahahaha I think we were the ones screaming the most! The Ping Yi guys must be deaf by now. I screamed so much my voice became an octave lower. ;-)

Yep all in all, it was the most exhilarating concert I've attended (which is not many, btdubz hee hee). It was almost like an MTDC reunion haha since I saw a lot of AMK and SCGS people there! But yes, we should go out as a band to watch a concert like this again. I learnt quite a lot from the Katakura band and I hope everyone else did!

After the concert, it was like crazy photo-taking session. We (Sandy Nat and I) took an instax with Ms Chong hee hee. ^_^

Met up with Nicholas and Angie from MTDC!

Section instax!!!

MTDC frens lul

SMSB EXCO 2013! (ish)

I still remember Limelight, when I fell asleep halfway hahaha but now, three years later, I'm screaming and cheering at band concerts. Ok, bad concert etiquette but seriously, half (or even three quarters) of the audience are screaming wild kids like us!

Chinese test and English CME presentation tomorrow oh no

Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Buckaroos fleaster 2012

Today was the Five Buckaroos fleaster! The last time such an event was held was in 2010, when I was still a Sec 1. Basically it's a flea bazaar where everything is sold for $5 or less, and all proceeds go to the World Wildlife Fund. And we get CIP hours.

This year, I set up a stall with Daphne, Hazel, Cimin and Sally! We had a LOT of stuff so it looked like we didn't sell much after the whole flea as quite a bit of stuff was left over. But really, we started from 5 tables FULL of stuff, down to only 2 tables! The total earnings were over $100! I think in Sec 1 we also broke a hundred but I think we earned more then compared to this year. :-(

I wanted to buy some stuff but was too busy tending the stall that by the time we had time to roam about, all the nice things were sold! Valerie's group brought a bunch of t-shirts and cut them up into cropped tops or fringed tops and they were all sold for $5. W-o-w. Haha we tried cutting up this Mango playsuit/romper thing and it turned out quite nice!!! I wanted to buy it if it remained unsold but then Ze Hui bought it (under my persuasion haha the irony). Anyway, it was quite fun but extremely tiring. I just felt like lying on the floor and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Tomorrow is this Katakura High School concert tomorrow night at the Esplanade. Ms Chang bought tickets for the whole band to go because this band apparently won so many competitions that the organizers told them not to participate in any more competitions so that they could let others have a chance to win! And I heard from Aloysius (ahem) and Pei Xuan that some Ang Mo Kio and Commonwealth band people as well as some alumni are going to have an exchange with the Japanese band tomorrow morning!!! JEALOUS MAX. But then again, if they come to St. Marg's.........well.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Piano freaking out

My piano exam is in one month's time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freaking out like crazy because I had opted for September but then again, no one has any control over these things. I don't feel prepared yet and my scales are atrocious and I have really bad nervousness whenever I play in front of someone unfamiliar! Like today, I had an extra lesson and my teacher got the girl who had lessons before me to play her exam pieces from me and I had to play for her too. I was so nervous I started shaking and fumbled over a few notes/phrases oh boo hooooo. The girl before me was in Grade 8 and she played really well despite a few breakdowns. I saw her notebook and found out that she's from Nanyang Girl's High. Sigh. I want to get a distinction this time round! I've never gotten a distinction for practical before, all lousy merits and passes. :-/ And it's almost impossible to get a distinction for Grade 8, judging by the difficulty of the pieces I heard the girl play!!! Ah well. I shall just marry my piano for the next month and let God do the rest (ahem school banner) ;-)

When walking home from piano/dinner I saw Gee walking with his friend ha ha ha I couldn't recognize him at all and only realized it was him when he said hi hahah but too late I am quite a fast walker.

Ya ok.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Racial Harmony Day 2012

Happy birthday Lim An and Rebecca! :-)

Yesterday was the Racial Harmony Day celebration in St. Marg's and Mrs Rethinam told our class to come in ethnic costumes because the English department is the one in charge of the event so y'know....for support. Haha. Anyway some people like (ahem) Victoria was anti-climax and didn't bother to go and borrow a costume tsk tsk. Haha I borrowed a sari from one of Regi's friends and spent the entire day adjusting and tripping over the hem. Never going to wear a sari again even though it looks so pretty!

The games part of the celebrations was held on Thursday and it was inter-house. As both 3/6, 3/1 and 3/7 are from Fearon, most of the Fearon girls didn't get the chance to participate in the telematches due to time constraints. Hence Fearon lost really badly and was the overall last hoo let me go bury my face in shame. Fearon used to be the champion for every single event! The tables have been turned. Now Gage-brown is the champion, followed by Tolley and then Cooke. If you've realized, it's in the exact opposite order from before....sigh we shall redeem ourselves during Cross Country!!!

After school (yes we had lessons on Friday boo), Celestine, Sandra, Victoria and I went to West Mall to eat and develop photos and headed to my house to chill/hang out/dance/eat/everything and yeah yay I love my new friends (haha ok maybe not that new but still) and look forward to spending more time with them! We created new names for ourselves lol I'm Jimmy, cool right. As in Jimmy from Jimmy Neutron because I am a genius. ;-) Hahaha Sandra is supposed to be Simon and Celestine is Charlie and Victoria is Icky Vicky/Victor. I personally prefer Icky Vicky.

And yes I've been spending the past few hours slaving my butt off on the CME presentation and jfgnbihbdfalgbib hate presentations so much (2 in the next week) and it's humans week next week BOO.

Silver lining is that Saturday is this concert by some Japanese band that has supposedly been banned from competitions as they keep winning the top prize, lol. Looking forward to hearing them play and, of course, take photos yippeez.

Oh yeah we had tutoring during band today and my love for my bassoon has been rekindled. Now I understand why Sin Ching said that it's the coolest instrument in band. ;-) Haha I used to hate bassoon parts because it was so meehhhh but now that laoshi gave us other songs written specially for bassoons it's quite challenging and it's good motivation to work harder to improve!!! I don't know but I have this ~feeling~ to go audition for SNYO (Singapore National Youth Orchestra) but I don't know if I can make it plus if I have the time. It'll be even more commitment than MTDC. Laoshi said I can get in (haha maybe just trying to boost my ego here) but yeah o well. Will leave it up to the Lord. ;-) But it'll be really cool! I went to look up the website and heard one of their pieces and I am b l o w n a w a y. They play so asdfghjkl-ly well. Yes ok I mean obviously it's like the best of the best.


Monday, July 16, 2012

RHD prep

School started and I am sad and there is nothing new and yes life is boring.

All the best to those taking their O-lvl Chinese listening comprehension tomorrow! I'll be in the band room watching people do punishment if you need me. That was a bad can't even be called a joke. This is bad I am losing my funny.

Thursday is the Racial Harmony Day celebration and someone signed me up for the Indian-Malay telematch thing and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TIE A SARONG OR PLAY CHAPTEH oh no I hope I don't make Fearon lose hahahaha ok no chance of that. Fearon always wins!!! ;-) Friday we are allowed to wear the ethnic costumes and I really want to wear one this year instead of leaving everything to the last minute and having nothing to wear except boring old school uniform. It's quite pointless to buy a sari just for Racial Harmony Day though, I mean, how often are you going to wear it? So I guess I'll just borrow from someone. The thing is, most of my Indian friends (which aren't many already) don't even have a sari! Ha ha ha ok don't judge I don't have a cheongsam too either so. Anyway I hope I can find a costume so we can take pretty pictures on Friday whoop whoop!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blessed to be a Blessing

The concert was a great success! I heard that many teachers and ex-students cried during the show because they were so touched/whatever. :'-)

Honestly, I don't really feel ~excited~ but that's probably because I've "watched" the show so many times I can remember the lines and lyrics already. But I am still very proud to be part of the musical. I was quite afraid of the reaction we would receive from the audience, whether they would find it a bore or even sleep during the musical, but thankfully they all loved it and even my dad said it was "not bad"! Haha, that is quite rare for my dad to say. ;-)

The best thing about concerts/performances is the ~meeting~ of your friends who came to support you, at least that's how I feel. I love getting flowers and stuff from people, haha sorry if it makes me seem shallow but face it, who doesn't love presents? :-)

Anyway, GOOD JOB EVERYONE! This journey is (finally) over and we'll always look back on it with fondness, even if it's memories of being in a pit.



Valerie's huge instax of all of us! (by us I mean everyone in the photo lol)

Me Joanne Ze Hui

Gross section photo but nonetheless



Oh yes, this day, six months ago, was the MTDC Graduation concert, just sayin'. <3


Sorry for the poor quality but well. "Such is life."

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day before BTBB

The 170th Anniversary concert/musical Blessed to be a Blessing is tomorrow, at Kallang Theatre! For those who haven't bought tickets, TOO LATE because they are all sold out ha ha ha. Anyway I haven't been posting/tweeting/anything-ing for the past few days because I've been busy with rehearsals and all that. I think we've made a lot of progress since the last rehearsal in the school hall! Kallang Theatre is quite nice even though it's a little small. The orchestral pit is just...horrible. The "walls" have countless holes in them and Tan Qi spent the time we were willing away in the pit plucking at the plaster on the "walls".

The CCA groups are all really good and yes IT WILL BE A GREAT PERFORMANCE TOMORROW!!! I am somewhat excited. Which I never thought I'd be a few weeks ago.

Today, we performed for the St. Margaret's Primary girls as a preview and those girls...they just clapped during Chinese Dance as there were SMPS girls performing during that item too. The rest of the performances....bleh. :'-( Lucky for them they are cute! Some girls came forward to the orchestral pit and we used this opportunity to shout "JOIN BAND!" hahaha. After all, most of these girls will be in SMSS when they graduate from primary school! Yeah and I felt like a zoo animal being poked and prodded at sob.

ANYWAY TOMORROW WILL BE TIRING AND GREAT. I have gained three pimples from all these rehearsals.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

BZB and other random musings

Bzb today was so entertaining. Jamie and Ants were there and I was like the first to arrive and "choped" the back two seats hoping to agitate this annoying girl in class who once almost told Jamie and I off for sitting at "her seat". Lamoz. Anyway I rushed to the toilet to pee but the toilet was so dirty my socks couldn't stand it so I just ran out HAHAHA. And found Jamie standing outside the door wow telepathy sii0lzxc. And while she was in the toilet (I have no idea how she can stand all that dirty floor kahgkfhbqwiod), a lot of people suddenly came to line up for toilet. Ok.

Anyway yeah laoshi was showing me so much love today wowerz. :'-) I think the annoying girl (see above) got jealous and kept talking about eating dogs and babies and whatnot. So annoying plz. Ants was sitting in front of her and I told him to kick her chair but of course, Ants being Ants, didn't. But it was still quite entertaining and yeah it's quite, no, terribly sad that Jamie is going to quite Bzb if she doesn't get a spot in Sunday/Wednesday class. :-(

Nothing much after that. Went running as usual and blah blah blah. I think a few boys saw a python at the stadium because I heard little boys shouting "Python!!!" but I couldn't stop and lose my momentum just to look at a snake?!? So yeah. The stadium is actually very pretty lol. Look!!!

P.s. I am rekindled with my love for Gong Cha Longan Honey Tea <3

Saturday, July 07, 2012


At the musical rehearsal earlier today, this girl sang this song which I think it's called Tomorrow and it's stuck in my head for the entire day! I kept singing it after band but my talent was not appreciated sigh. :'-( Also, the Indian Dance's song is very catchy! Lol I think everyone involved in the musical knows at least the "Vanakum" or something part. Don't expect me to speak (/type) perfect Indian/Tamil. Anyhoo, they changed the seating arrangement in the *cough* pit (that word is so gross, like armPIT) and yeah me and Tan Qi got moved like to behind the bass clarinets?!? It's crazy because the Safarah has like a double chair so how on earth am I going to see anything besides her hair?!? Shall go complain to Vicky on Monday ha ha.

Stayed back to discuss some things today even though I had other plans but I guess this was really important, haha. Bonded with the people who were there! :-) Anyway all I can say is I am a genius and band camp is going to be absolutely fantastic. Oh and I am not alone (which no one reading this will understand but). And my reed died sob sob. Ms Chang called my tutor and he asked me to go to his house which is like on the other side of Singapore tomorrow to collect it, but I'm not sure if I have time so oh well, see how it goes! I guess it's quite cool though. He mentioned that Shu Mian goes to his house to buy reeds and like he has private tutoring classes with other private students too. Sort of like a piano teacher thing, not just a tutor for bands. Which is quite cool. Yes.

ANYWAYYYY (I keep digressing sigh I can hear Mrs Rethinam in my head right now "stop rambling!!!"), staying back until like 4 or 5pm really made me miss the times when there was still MTDC on Saturdays. I don't really miss the ~playing~, but the theory classes and crazy journeys to Ang Mo Kio with Sang Ah, Naasyidah and Ze Hui are like never going to come back again. :'-( Siggggh. It's just not the same now. It's so hard to describe and therefore I shall not attempt. It isn't a lie to say that I miss the playing a little too. I mean, in MTDC everyone is like so good/talented/passionate/dedicated to music and the sound is really Not as great as professional bands but it still is a milestone away (or maybe more) from the band's current sound. Oh well we still have time to improve!!! Really hope the band wakes up and starts brushing up like, crash course 101. Ok this is bad I've gone from MTDC to SMSB ok ok ok rambling please ignore this paragraph. Ha ha this is like so incoherent and yadayadayada.

BTDUBZ MR LIM CAME BACK TODAY!!!!!!! since Mr Goh was overseas. I said hi to him and he was like "Hellooooo *awkward drag while trying to remember my name*" WOW THANKS but ok I don't really expect to be remembered ha ha. And for once he wasn't wearing purple. ;-)

Thinking about my chem/bio tests make me very sad boo hoo.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Look at the sky

Looking up at the sky makes me somewhat happy. It has a calming effect on me, whenever I look at the sky, it's near impossible to feel weary or sad or anything like that. :-) Pity now that the only time I get to look at a clear blue sky is during the weekends. Weekdays are hectic as ever.

Chemistry test today was horrible. Kept brooding about some 6 marks lost throughout the day lol. Bio practical test was manageable. I accidentally added the wrong solution in so I got the "wrong" results but I wrote down the "correct" ones and wiped off the incriminating evidence so well hope all goes fine. Other than that, this week has been pretty crappy despite the Youth Day holiday on Monday.

The 170th Anniversary musical is next Saturday so I'll have practices and rehearsals everyday next week except for Tuesday. Going to miss a heck load of school stuff and will have to find time to slot in extra remedial sessions, sigh. I don't really feel very excited for the musical now that.........well it's best not to say it here but let's just keep it at that. If you're not happy with the performance, I think it's better to tell us, the actual people producing it, that we have a lot to improve on than say that it's an excellent job and then go behind our backs and criticize every single thing. It's not that I can't take criticism. The thing I can't take is your hypocrisy.

All that aside........HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNE!!! Here's to our 9 years of friendship! Ha ha we are so cool beanz.

P.s. Finally understand trigonometry whoop whoop. Even though I still think the people who found it out have no life. Imagine, a lifetime dedicated to the study of, yes, triangles!!! Exciting.

Monday, July 02, 2012


Going to watch Spiderman later at Jurong Point! Oops, The AMAZING Spiderman I mean. It's quite ironic that I'm going to watch it at the same place I watched The Avengers.....which excluded Spiderman. lol. Ok maybe it's only me who feels that way.

Some updates on my mundane life: Daphne came over today to do the LJ project thing which was super agonizing. We used the butcher knife to cut through the Styrofoam, since a penknife really cannot make it. LOL. And all the Styrofoam bits dropped on the floor sigh why so messy. We painted the layers a rainbow colour so it looks like the rainbow cake kind of thing and have to see it for yourself to understand. ;-)

Hm, yesterday I went for Bzb with Jamie, for the first time in like 48375107 years! I still kind of miss the whole ~Friday league~ lol I bet Jamie you would (/will?) read this. Sigh piezxc Bzb will never be the same again. Ha ha ha I was waiting for Jamie outside class because I didn't want to go in alone because I thought I was late, so I looked like a suspicious person loitering outside the hallway so awkward omgee. And the other teacher told me I could go in haha, I think she thought there was some other lesson inside, but anyway. Kept pestering Jamie to run run run and she came and we opened the door (lol step-by-step commentary) and guess what SO MANY EMPTY SEATS. Whewerz we thought we were going to get split up which would be very sad indeed. Anyway that genius decided to sign up for another tuition on Fridays so she's going to keep "bu ke"-ing on Sundays and if she doesn't get a permanent spot, move to Wednesday class where THERE IS NO ONE AT ALL oh except Fat Girl (cough Jamie)

That afternoon, I went running at the Bukit Gombak stadium and this girl tried to race me and of course I raced her back and I won woo hoo.