Monday, July 02, 2012


Going to watch Spiderman later at Jurong Point! Oops, The AMAZING Spiderman I mean. It's quite ironic that I'm going to watch it at the same place I watched The Avengers.....which excluded Spiderman. lol. Ok maybe it's only me who feels that way.

Some updates on my mundane life: Daphne came over today to do the LJ project thing which was super agonizing. We used the butcher knife to cut through the Styrofoam, since a penknife really cannot make it. LOL. And all the Styrofoam bits dropped on the floor sigh why so messy. We painted the layers a rainbow colour so it looks like the rainbow cake kind of thing and have to see it for yourself to understand. ;-)

Hm, yesterday I went for Bzb with Jamie, for the first time in like 48375107 years! I still kind of miss the whole ~Friday league~ lol I bet Jamie you would (/will?) read this. Sigh piezxc Bzb will never be the same again. Ha ha ha I was waiting for Jamie outside class because I didn't want to go in alone because I thought I was late, so I looked like a suspicious person loitering outside the hallway so awkward omgee. And the other teacher told me I could go in haha, I think she thought there was some other lesson inside, but anyway. Kept pestering Jamie to run run run and she came and we opened the door (lol step-by-step commentary) and guess what SO MANY EMPTY SEATS. Whewerz we thought we were going to get split up which would be very sad indeed. Anyway that genius decided to sign up for another tuition on Fridays so she's going to keep "bu ke"-ing on Sundays and if she doesn't get a permanent spot, move to Wednesday class where THERE IS NO ONE AT ALL oh except Fat Girl (cough Jamie)

That afternoon, I went running at the Bukit Gombak stadium and this girl tried to race me and of course I raced her back and I won woo hoo.

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