Saturday, July 07, 2012


At the musical rehearsal earlier today, this girl sang this song which I think it's called Tomorrow and it's stuck in my head for the entire day! I kept singing it after band but my talent was not appreciated sigh. :'-( Also, the Indian Dance's song is very catchy! Lol I think everyone involved in the musical knows at least the "Vanakum" or something part. Don't expect me to speak (/type) perfect Indian/Tamil. Anyhoo, they changed the seating arrangement in the *cough* pit (that word is so gross, like armPIT) and yeah me and Tan Qi got moved like to behind the bass clarinets?!? It's crazy because the Safarah has like a double chair so how on earth am I going to see anything besides her hair?!? Shall go complain to Vicky on Monday ha ha.

Stayed back to discuss some things today even though I had other plans but I guess this was really important, haha. Bonded with the people who were there! :-) Anyway all I can say is I am a genius and band camp is going to be absolutely fantastic. Oh and I am not alone (which no one reading this will understand but). And my reed died sob sob. Ms Chang called my tutor and he asked me to go to his house which is like on the other side of Singapore tomorrow to collect it, but I'm not sure if I have time so oh well, see how it goes! I guess it's quite cool though. He mentioned that Shu Mian goes to his house to buy reeds and like he has private tutoring classes with other private students too. Sort of like a piano teacher thing, not just a tutor for bands. Which is quite cool. Yes.

ANYWAYYYY (I keep digressing sigh I can hear Mrs Rethinam in my head right now "stop rambling!!!"), staying back until like 4 or 5pm really made me miss the times when there was still MTDC on Saturdays. I don't really miss the ~playing~, but the theory classes and crazy journeys to Ang Mo Kio with Sang Ah, Naasyidah and Ze Hui are like never going to come back again. :'-( Siggggh. It's just not the same now. It's so hard to describe and therefore I shall not attempt. It isn't a lie to say that I miss the playing a little too. I mean, in MTDC everyone is like so good/talented/passionate/dedicated to music and the sound is really Not as great as professional bands but it still is a milestone away (or maybe more) from the band's current sound. Oh well we still have time to improve!!! Really hope the band wakes up and starts brushing up like, crash course 101. Ok this is bad I've gone from MTDC to SMSB ok ok ok rambling please ignore this paragraph. Ha ha this is like so incoherent and yadayadayada.

BTDUBZ MR LIM CAME BACK TODAY!!!!!!! since Mr Goh was overseas. I said hi to him and he was like "Hellooooo *awkward drag while trying to remember my name*" WOW THANKS but ok I don't really expect to be remembered ha ha. And for once he wasn't wearing purple. ;-)

Thinking about my chem/bio tests make me very sad boo hoo.

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