Sunday, July 08, 2012

BZB and other random musings

Bzb today was so entertaining. Jamie and Ants were there and I was like the first to arrive and "choped" the back two seats hoping to agitate this annoying girl in class who once almost told Jamie and I off for sitting at "her seat". Lamoz. Anyway I rushed to the toilet to pee but the toilet was so dirty my socks couldn't stand it so I just ran out HAHAHA. And found Jamie standing outside the door wow telepathy sii0lzxc. And while she was in the toilet (I have no idea how she can stand all that dirty floor kahgkfhbqwiod), a lot of people suddenly came to line up for toilet. Ok.

Anyway yeah laoshi was showing me so much love today wowerz. :'-) I think the annoying girl (see above) got jealous and kept talking about eating dogs and babies and whatnot. So annoying plz. Ants was sitting in front of her and I told him to kick her chair but of course, Ants being Ants, didn't. But it was still quite entertaining and yeah it's quite, no, terribly sad that Jamie is going to quite Bzb if she doesn't get a spot in Sunday/Wednesday class. :-(

Nothing much after that. Went running as usual and blah blah blah. I think a few boys saw a python at the stadium because I heard little boys shouting "Python!!!" but I couldn't stop and lose my momentum just to look at a snake?!? So yeah. The stadium is actually very pretty lol. Look!!!

P.s. I am rekindled with my love for Gong Cha Longan Honey Tea <3

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