Friday, July 13, 2012

Day before BTBB

The 170th Anniversary concert/musical Blessed to be a Blessing is tomorrow, at Kallang Theatre! For those who haven't bought tickets, TOO LATE because they are all sold out ha ha ha. Anyway I haven't been posting/tweeting/anything-ing for the past few days because I've been busy with rehearsals and all that. I think we've made a lot of progress since the last rehearsal in the school hall! Kallang Theatre is quite nice even though it's a little small. The orchestral pit is just...horrible. The "walls" have countless holes in them and Tan Qi spent the time we were willing away in the pit plucking at the plaster on the "walls".

The CCA groups are all really good and yes IT WILL BE A GREAT PERFORMANCE TOMORROW!!! I am somewhat excited. Which I never thought I'd be a few weeks ago.

Today, we performed for the St. Margaret's Primary girls as a preview and those girls...they just clapped during Chinese Dance as there were SMPS girls performing during that item too. The rest of the performances....bleh. :'-( Lucky for them they are cute! Some girls came forward to the orchestral pit and we used this opportunity to shout "JOIN BAND!" hahaha. After all, most of these girls will be in SMSS when they graduate from primary school! Yeah and I felt like a zoo animal being poked and prodded at sob.

ANYWAY TOMORROW WILL BE TIRING AND GREAT. I have gained three pimples from all these rehearsals.

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