Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blessed to be a Blessing

The concert was a great success! I heard that many teachers and ex-students cried during the show because they were so touched/whatever. :'-)

Honestly, I don't really feel ~excited~ but that's probably because I've "watched" the show so many times I can remember the lines and lyrics already. But I am still very proud to be part of the musical. I was quite afraid of the reaction we would receive from the audience, whether they would find it a bore or even sleep during the musical, but thankfully they all loved it and even my dad said it was "not bad"! Haha, that is quite rare for my dad to say. ;-)

The best thing about concerts/performances is the ~meeting~ of your friends who came to support you, at least that's how I feel. I love getting flowers and stuff from people, haha sorry if it makes me seem shallow but face it, who doesn't love presents? :-)

Anyway, GOOD JOB EVERYONE! This journey is (finally) over and we'll always look back on it with fondness, even if it's memories of being in a pit.



Valerie's huge instax of all of us! (by us I mean everyone in the photo lol)

Me Joanne Ze Hui

Gross section photo but nonetheless



Oh yes, this day, six months ago, was the MTDC Graduation concert, just sayin'. <3


Sorry for the poor quality but well. "Such is life."

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