Saturday, July 21, 2012

Racial Harmony Day 2012

Happy birthday Lim An and Rebecca! :-)

Yesterday was the Racial Harmony Day celebration in St. Marg's and Mrs Rethinam told our class to come in ethnic costumes because the English department is the one in charge of the event so y'know....for support. Haha. Anyway some people like (ahem) Victoria was anti-climax and didn't bother to go and borrow a costume tsk tsk. Haha I borrowed a sari from one of Regi's friends and spent the entire day adjusting and tripping over the hem. Never going to wear a sari again even though it looks so pretty!

The games part of the celebrations was held on Thursday and it was inter-house. As both 3/6, 3/1 and 3/7 are from Fearon, most of the Fearon girls didn't get the chance to participate in the telematches due to time constraints. Hence Fearon lost really badly and was the overall last hoo let me go bury my face in shame. Fearon used to be the champion for every single event! The tables have been turned. Now Gage-brown is the champion, followed by Tolley and then Cooke. If you've realized, it's in the exact opposite order from before....sigh we shall redeem ourselves during Cross Country!!!

After school (yes we had lessons on Friday boo), Celestine, Sandra, Victoria and I went to West Mall to eat and develop photos and headed to my house to chill/hang out/dance/eat/everything and yeah yay I love my new friends (haha ok maybe not that new but still) and look forward to spending more time with them! We created new names for ourselves lol I'm Jimmy, cool right. As in Jimmy from Jimmy Neutron because I am a genius. ;-) Hahaha Sandra is supposed to be Simon and Celestine is Charlie and Victoria is Icky Vicky/Victor. I personally prefer Icky Vicky.

And yes I've been spending the past few hours slaving my butt off on the CME presentation and jfgnbihbdfalgbib hate presentations so much (2 in the next week) and it's humans week next week BOO.

Silver lining is that Saturday is this concert by some Japanese band that has supposedly been banned from competitions as they keep winning the top prize, lol. Looking forward to hearing them play and, of course, take photos yippeez.

Oh yeah we had tutoring during band today and my love for my bassoon has been rekindled. Now I understand why Sin Ching said that it's the coolest instrument in band. ;-) Haha I used to hate bassoon parts because it was so meehhhh but now that laoshi gave us other songs written specially for bassoons it's quite challenging and it's good motivation to work harder to improve!!! I don't know but I have this ~feeling~ to go audition for SNYO (Singapore National Youth Orchestra) but I don't know if I can make it plus if I have the time. It'll be even more commitment than MTDC. Laoshi said I can get in (haha maybe just trying to boost my ego here) but yeah o well. Will leave it up to the Lord. ;-) But it'll be really cool! I went to look up the website and heard one of their pieces and I am b l o w n a w a y. They play so asdfghjkl-ly well. Yes ok I mean obviously it's like the best of the best.


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