Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Piano freaking out

My piano exam is in one month's time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freaking out like crazy because I had opted for September but then again, no one has any control over these things. I don't feel prepared yet and my scales are atrocious and I have really bad nervousness whenever I play in front of someone unfamiliar! Like today, I had an extra lesson and my teacher got the girl who had lessons before me to play her exam pieces from me and I had to play for her too. I was so nervous I started shaking and fumbled over a few notes/phrases oh boo hooooo. The girl before me was in Grade 8 and she played really well despite a few breakdowns. I saw her notebook and found out that she's from Nanyang Girl's High. Sigh. I want to get a distinction this time round! I've never gotten a distinction for practical before, all lousy merits and passes. :-/ And it's almost impossible to get a distinction for Grade 8, judging by the difficulty of the pieces I heard the girl play!!! Ah well. I shall just marry my piano for the next month and let God do the rest (ahem school banner) ;-)

When walking home from piano/dinner I saw Gee walking with his friend ha ha ha I couldn't recognize him at all and only realized it was him when he said hi hahah but too late I am quite a fast walker.

Ya ok.

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