Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Buckaroos fleaster 2012

Today was the Five Buckaroos fleaster! The last time such an event was held was in 2010, when I was still a Sec 1. Basically it's a flea bazaar where everything is sold for $5 or less, and all proceeds go to the World Wildlife Fund. And we get CIP hours.

This year, I set up a stall with Daphne, Hazel, Cimin and Sally! We had a LOT of stuff so it looked like we didn't sell much after the whole flea as quite a bit of stuff was left over. But really, we started from 5 tables FULL of stuff, down to only 2 tables! The total earnings were over $100! I think in Sec 1 we also broke a hundred but I think we earned more then compared to this year. :-(

I wanted to buy some stuff but was too busy tending the stall that by the time we had time to roam about, all the nice things were sold! Valerie's group brought a bunch of t-shirts and cut them up into cropped tops or fringed tops and they were all sold for $5. W-o-w. Haha we tried cutting up this Mango playsuit/romper thing and it turned out quite nice!!! I wanted to buy it if it remained unsold but then Ze Hui bought it (under my persuasion haha the irony). Anyway, it was quite fun but extremely tiring. I just felt like lying on the floor and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Tomorrow is this Katakura High School concert tomorrow night at the Esplanade. Ms Chang bought tickets for the whole band to go because this band apparently won so many competitions that the organizers told them not to participate in any more competitions so that they could let others have a chance to win! And I heard from Aloysius (ahem) and Pei Xuan that some Ang Mo Kio and Commonwealth band people as well as some alumni are going to have an exchange with the Japanese band tomorrow morning!!! JEALOUS MAX. But then again, if they come to St. Marg's.........well.


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