Sunday, July 29, 2012

Katakura Concert

Went for the Katakura High concert last night at the Esplanade with almost the entire band! Met up with the section and Euphos before that for dinner, but the Euphos were watching Batman and they didn't know the movie ended at like 6.30pm!!! So they had about 20 minutes to eat, after getting lost trying to find us hee hee.

The Katakura concert is like the Highlight Concert for the Asia-Pacific Band festival something blah blah. SOMETHING LIKE THAT. And it's organized by the Band Director's Association Singapore, and Brando Tan is the president! Ms Chong is the secretary haha wow no wonder last time during MTDC Brando Tan always asked us to "say hi to Ms Chong for me". Marvin Khoo was the emcee and when he came out, he was like "I'm Marvin, your emcee for tonight" and at the same time I gasped "Omgad Marvin Khoo!!!" and then I gestured excitedly to Sang Ah who was sitting behind me hahahaha.

The concert was really good like asdfghjkl. I cannot fathom how bands can be this good. There were quite a few soloists and the oboe guy who played countless solos was so enthusiastic. During the pieces where the band people had to do gimmicks and all, he was the one jumping the highest and shouting the loudest HAHA. When a line of Katakura guys danced in front of the stage, Sandra and I kept spazzing over how handsome/cute they were!!! We were sitting at like the fifth row from the front so we could see them very clearly. ;-) I am 17436983% sure the F Horn guy was staring at me as he sang. ;-)

During intermission, Naasyidah and I went to disturb Aloysius a bit (yes the Ang Mo Kio people were there too!) about his Joelle who he keeps moaning about to everyone. Literally everyone. Yep fun times with MTDC buds. I made Nicholas ask his band to give a standing ovation at the end of the concert or towards the end when standing ovations are appropriate because everyone has to listen to him as he's the Band Major! But Nicholas, being Nicholas, left me standing up alone with Sandra during one of the "fun" pieces towards the end. Haha ok not really just the two of us. Some guys sitting in front (Ping Yi Sec according to their shirts) were standing up too haha. And then during another song, one of the more standing ovation-y kinds, we stood up again and EVERYONE ELSE FOLLOWED. Everyone as in St. Marg's Band and then the rest of the audience. Hahahahaha I think we were the ones screaming the most! The Ping Yi guys must be deaf by now. I screamed so much my voice became an octave lower. ;-)

Yep all in all, it was the most exhilarating concert I've attended (which is not many, btdubz hee hee). It was almost like an MTDC reunion haha since I saw a lot of AMK and SCGS people there! But yes, we should go out as a band to watch a concert like this again. I learnt quite a lot from the Katakura band and I hope everyone else did!

After the concert, it was like crazy photo-taking session. We (Sandy Nat and I) took an instax with Ms Chong hee hee. ^_^

Met up with Nicholas and Angie from MTDC!

Section instax!!!

MTDC frens lul

SMSB EXCO 2013! (ish)

I still remember Limelight, when I fell asleep halfway hahaha but now, three years later, I'm screaming and cheering at band concerts. Ok, bad concert etiquette but seriously, half (or even three quarters) of the audience are screaming wild kids like us!

Chinese test and English CME presentation tomorrow oh no

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