Wednesday, August 08, 2012

National Day Celebrations 2012

Today's the eve of National Day and we celebrated in school, as usual. We're allowed to wear our own clothes in either red or white and the criteria is that shorts/dresses/skirts must be at most four fingers above the knee and no ripped/torn jeans or things like that. Nobody really expected them to do spot-check and all but yup miracles happen! I wore the same shorts I wore last year which is the longest white shorts I own but it's eight fingers above the knee lol. So I got called out to the front with Caryl, the only punks from 3/6. :'-( At least Sandra, Celestine and Yushan were caught too! So we're just standing in front of the whole school, watching them watching us, watching them laughing at us, watching them judging us. Oh the joy. In the end nothing much happened lol because Mrs Tan felt kind today. :-) O well next year I'm going to get a dress or something, SHORTS ARE TOO RISKY. Anyway, shorts are called "shorts" for a reason, and not "longs" right?!?

Celebration in the hall was quite fun! Everyone screamed along to the national day songs, especially classics like "Home", "We Are Singapore" and "Reach out for the Sky"! I think the standard of national day songs fluctuate from year to year! Not that I could do a better job but well, think about it. Really, love at first light?!?!? Heavily auto-tuned little girls?!?! Haha anyway yup jumped and shouted with Victoria and Danielle was behind us. Cue ear-blowing screams hahahah.

I have so many things to rant about but I shan't. I just realized I only have a few people I can really count as friends. What's the use of having so many casual friends and in the end you have no close friends you can tell everything to and not be afraid of them betraying you or judging you. I'm just really grateful to those friends hahah. :'-) That's quite sad and pathetic but well that's life.

Feli and I (-:

Crashed 2/1 in the usual hahaha we need more friends :(

(Are my shorts that short??? No!!!)

Kelley looks petrified, as always :(

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