Friday, August 17, 2012

SMSS in the news (again)

I spent the entire week married to the piano and in the end the exam was still quite horrible. I was in school uniform plus thick fat Nike school shoes so the pedaling was very messy because I never practiced wearing a thick-soled shoe before asdfghjkl sigh regret x infinity but well no use crying over spilt milk. SOBZ I THINK I AM JUST UNTALENTED IN PIANO. Hahahahah oh well Grade 8 will be better!!! I'm just glad everything's finally over. Now time to concentrate on End Years!

A. Math test today went well. I was doing it in the study area because I came late to school (good girl here didn't want to pon test) after piano and my class was halfway into the paper already. Anyway I don't think I have a flashing neon sign on my head that announces to the world that I'm taking a test so this auntie came to me and asked me to go into the toilet with her. Omgad I was so scared ok plus there was like no one else there because everyone else was in class! Obviously I didn't follow her in lol plus Chua(t) would kill me.

Band Camp is on 3, 4, 5 December and I'll probably be missing sigh sux4me2bme. I'm (supposedly) going on some missionary trip to Northern Thailand for 10 days and only come back on the 7th. Fortunately Farewell is on the 8th, I wouldn't want to miss it for anything. I always couldn't go for the past two farewells so this year will be my first and hopefully not last. ^_^


They chose some photo of a three-generation-margtian rather than the cast of the 170th Anniversary musical to grace the front page of the newspapers, on an article ABOUT the 170th birthday of St. Marg's. Thanks a lot. :'-(

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