Friday, August 24, 2012

Singing in the rain

The dance teachers showed us this video a few weeks back and somehow I thought of it while shitting just now. Hahaha ok maybe tmi, but I shat three times today. Oh jeez.

Anyway yeah I haven't touched the computer in almost a week and the first thing I see: Aloybriella. Gross. I think I'm going on a pre-Twitter-fast to get used to not using the Internet and then go on full starvation mode when Term 4 starts. I'm just so glad this week(s) (or past two) is (or are) over. Almost all the nerve-wrecking things are over - piano exam, science week (nightmare for tri-sci girls) and yeah ok that's all. HAHAHAHAHA.

Next week will be a relatively short week as there's Teacher's Day celebration on Thursday. But there's still band. Wow. And I would go out but no, I have no arrange all the scores sigh. How can I finish cataloging 255 scores by the end of the September holidays?!? Haha Naasyidah the angel said she'd help me though even if she had no punishment. AWWW.

This is a really random post and tomorrow we're going to perform for some sporting event at the Padang so we have to reach school at 0645 whoopdeedoo goodbye have a nice life

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