Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day!

Today we celebrated Teacher's Day - a day early but well, we're special! Haha started the day with ACES Day dance, that Kelley, Xin Yi and Jade choreographed. They didn't announce the results but I hope Fearon won! We need to redeem ourselves from the RHD loss lol. Fearon was sitting beside Gage-Brown and the Alicia (?) girl was like right in front so we could see her very clearly! She was the super cute girl who started talking to us about some Japanese anime after PE last Thursday hahahaha she's so cute! No one had any idea what she was talking about so we just played along and nodded and laughed haha. According to Ashley, she has some condition which allows her to be very extroverted and she can talk to anyone. I guess it's sort of a blessing and a curse as well, because she seems very trusting. Ah well. She is so cute asdfghjkl can't stand it. Cherie, Ashley and I were literally spazzing at her every move LOL you have been warned.

After the celebration, we had bio lesson for less than an hour and then had to go for band. Tan Qi went for some Music O-lvl briefing thing and so our tutor waited in an empty classroom for half an hour. I feel so bad asdfghjkl. Anyway after band I conducted punishment for half the people on my list. It was quite productive! In the end Ms Chang still chased us out of the band room or we'd never leave. Haha, I doubt we can finish cataloging 255 scores by the September holidays! Anyway, had a talk with Naasyidah and Nataly hahaha wow N and N ok cool.

Just because we fought before doesn't mean that I still hate you or whatever right? I am not so petty, but sadly you are. If you're hungry you can go and eat first right? Nobody is forcing you to stay up here. In fact, I don't think more than 1 person wants you in the room. Besides, you just had a class party less than two hours ago and you say you're hungry. Wow you can survive 4 hours of CCA without food and suddenlu two hours and your stomach is burned with hydrochloric acid. Interesting. You have no respect for people who have more authority than you. I'm not saying that my argument is only from my point of view, because other people have told me about how you scold them even though they are in the right and you don't know two hoots about the situation. I applaud you audacity. If you think you are up to it, why don't you try being us then? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. You desperately want to be one of us. Well it can't be helped now, can it? Nothing you do is going to earn you either spot. You only have yourself to blame, so don't take your rage and jealousy out on the people who have what you so desperately want. It's no secret that you abuse your seniority, and if you think you're so popular, well, that's only in your section which, may I add, you don't lead.


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