Friday, September 28, 2012

Start of something new

Ok maybe not entirely something new. The examinations have commenced and it's seriously freaking cold in the hall!!! I thought my thick skin was enough to insulate me but no, I was shivering my butt off, especially during the comprehension paper where I literally started blowing on my hands to keep myself warm. I am definitely going to bring the school jacket for the subsequent papers, even if it's wonderfully hideous and has not seen the day of light in three years. Woohoo.

The papers were relatively all right but you know, you never know until the results come out!!! Crossing my fingers, arms, legs, toes, hair whatever. Whatever it takes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Television does more harm than good

The End-of-Year examinations are approaching (you don't say) and I'm sure everyone's feeling the stress and anxiety. The English paper is on Friday and Mrs Rethinam gave us a so-called pre-written argumentative essay to write (oh the irony). Haha basically it just means she listed all the points for us so we just have to, well, write. Since I have nothing to lose anyway, I'm posting "my" essay up for fun and yeah if it's horrible, well I never said it was going to be good! I bet most people won't even read it anyway but oh well it's a great way to fill the empty void which is my heart. I'm kidding.

  Television undoubtedly does more harm than good. Today, almost every household in first-world countries own at least one television set. Having more than one television is also not unusual. Due to its popularity in millions of homes, television is treated as a part of the furniture; an ever-present, seemingly innocent piece of technology. However, extensive research has proven that television does more harm than good. Not only does it not have educational value, but it also discourages human interaction and spreads Western values across the globe.

  Advocates of television assert that television programs allow audiences to gain knowledge of subjects that they previously are not aware of, such as various species of animalia in far-flung destinations around the world. On the contrary, research has suggested that watching television discourages critical thinking, as the majority of television viewers watch television indiscriminately. Most of the newly acquired “information” either does not stay in one’s mind for long or is not absorbed at all. Thus, it is safe to say that the time spent watching television has been mindlessly wasted. It has also been found that there is a link between literacy problems in children and frequent television viewing, and this is especially so for young children. Therefore, watching television is not only a mindless, passive activity but is also a cause for speech impairment. Hence, television does more harm than good.

  In the urban societies, human interaction is already being negatively affected due to the many social networking websites that encourage users to spend time in front of a screen instead of interacting with a fellow human being face-to-face. Television does nothing to solve this problem, but instead, makes it even harder to resolve. It is common to see visitors lounging on the sofas of their hosts, with their eyes glued to the television screen while their hosts sit about in uncomfortable silence, after having their attempts at conversation rejected. The idea of whiling away precious time that could be spent talking to friends and family on watching television is absurd, but it is an unfortunate reality. How silly it is to move from one screen to another! Hence, television escalates the problem of a society that lacks human interaction by disrupting human interaction. Thus, television definitely does more harm than good.

  Supporters of television allege that television facilitates the sharing of information, opinions and cultural expressions among international audiences. They claim that by watching television, we are able to gain insight on the cultures of other countries. However, it is no secret that the most satellite channels are controlled by power-house Western corporations, which broadcasts television programs on international television networks. Such programs are largely the Western-made programs. Local Singaporean programs, or even Asian programs in general, on the other hand, are a rarity to find in Western countries. How would these Westerners then gain insightful knowledge of our Asian culture and values by watching television? In addition, us locals are tuning in to these Western television programs and it is inevitable that we subconsciously soak in their values, opinions and cultural expressions. It is said that Western values are “looser” than our Asian values, as Westerners are stereotyped to be more liberal and open to issues that Asians may not feel so comfortable with accepting just yet. Even though it is just a stereotype, it still contains a certain amount of truth in it. Hence, by watching television, we may be compromising on our cultural values and slowly but surely, adopt the Western way of thinking.Therefore, not only is there an unequal sharing of information between the different cultures in the world, but by watching television, we may be easily influenced by the Westerners and become more like them, losing bits of the things that make us uniquely Asian.

  Television impairs the growth and development of children and turns people into unthinking “couch potatoes” with passive acceptance. There are many more downsides of television, one of which is the destruction of conversation that is essentially what differentiates us humans from other less intelligent life forms. Also, the proliferation of Western values, standards and acceptance is a major cause of concern regarding the increased viewing of television. Therefore, television definitely does more harm than good.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Next generation SMSB

Received the news that Ms Chong was going to leave us on Thursday and it came as quite a surprise! She's been our conductor since I first joined the band so there is still some sentimental feelings attached.

After SYF (I doubt any of us would forget the tear-jerking letter which made us all cry during Assembly on the Monday after), the Australia trip and the latest Blessed to be a Blessing production, there has definitely been some good times. I guess she has been an all right conductor but wellllllllll......which is probably why the change of conductor, especially now that SYF is nearing. We cannot afford to not get a Gold. Especially after we paid $50 each for a tuner/metronome. We'll meet the new conductor after band break ends, which is on 18 Oct. I"m sure we'll have no absentees that day haha, since everyone is so curious to find out who will be the next band director to bring us up to greater heights.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Hang in there!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Brush with royalty

Ok I think it's rly weird for Shaun Soh to be commenting on our pictures and stuff even though it isn't all pedo-y and stuff. It's just weird lol ok sidetracked.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came to Singapore a few days (or day) ago and part of their itinerary was to visit Queenstown, which is really near school. Clare and some others went to Queenstown to see them and I didn't because I was a pessimistic nub sigh. Clare got to shake hands with both Prince William and Kate and said "Good afternoon" to them hahaha how British. Anyway, she kept rubbing her royal hand in my face the next day hahahaha. Apparently the other aunties there were so embarrassing as everyone just shoved their iPhones in their faces. I guess that isn't just Singaporean behavior as everyone else in the world would have done the same. I think Kate Middleton is so pretty!!!1!1!! And British accents are so /*swoons*/

School is pretty horrible and I can't wait for the End Years to be over. 3 weeks left I can do this yepz let's goooOOOOoooOOOoooOoOoOo. Meanwhile, Twitter is down and Facebook is stagnant. 


MTDC Ensemble Concert for Secondary Band tomorrow. Not giving my support though haha no one to support anyway. SMSB what are you doing

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sec 1 Recital 2012

Sec 1 Recital was today and it was quite fail. Hahaha, there were very few parents present, so pathetic that one of them asked "Are we going to be the only ones there?" ...

Maybe it's because this year's Sec 1 batch is small, so there are fewer parents.

When I was Sec 1 (yup, here I go again), the ~recital~ (I hate that word) was full-house and the seniors who came back had to stand at the back! Hahaha three cheers for supportive parents! Ah well. The playing wasn't that good either, and I'm also talking about the pieces that the Main Band played. Felt like strangling everyone afterward. Hahah Regi, Lim An and some other seniors came back and Regi was sitting like directly in my line of vision so I had no choice but to make eye contact with her which she interpreted as flirting. Mhm I'd totally hit on a chick during a Sec 1 Recital. Hehehehe but I guess their presence made it seem less pathetic! They filled up almost one row of chairs.

The food was good but Lim Ning had problems using the new bocal swab (UH HUH our 10 year old bocals have been abused) so by the time we got to take the food, all the good food was gone! And by that I mean the bee hoon. Haha Emily ate like four plates of bee hoon! I don't the the parents ate that much.

Our band girls are savages. We eat anything and everything.

Today was also the first time I saw all three Lim sisters together hehehe they look so cute together!

End Year examinations are in two weeks everyone!!! So what am I doing on the computer? Idk I can't find any motivation now. At the rate I'm going, I am really nervous for the examinations. Going to psych myself into studying now. (No I'm not)

Monday, September 03, 2012

Learning to lead (SL Workshop)

Today was the SL Workshop training thing at ACJC, conducted by Mr Frank Troyka. He's got humour on his side but I don't think he really needs it because he is a super good speaker and I really learnt a lot from him! I'm actually quite excited to try out all the new ~skills~ and methods to teach my section after the workshop! The woodwind tutor was Jonathan Vi-something, who'se 19 and used to be an Abercrombie & Fitch model!!! Wowerz hahaha he was quite handsome (obviously)! The brass tutor was Stephen something and he looked less interesting but well they're all here because they're good. The percussion tutor was Mr. Ramu who also tutored the MTDC percussion kids and played the coolio drum thing during Arabesque! Hahahaha all in all I had a great time learning all these leadership things that I think would really benefit my section.

At the end of the day, everyone wanted to take photos with the tutors so being Singaporeans, we all just queued up (ok lame but Singaporeans love queuing). Then these bunch of girls just started thrusting their phones at the tutors and taking photos with them. Another group of girls shouted "Photobomb!!!" when Sandra, Naasyidah and I went to take a photo with Jonathan! Sandra was so angsty hahaha actually I was too but Sandra was like an erupting volcano. What's with these girls, no manners at all. We didn't even do anything to offend you! Unless, of course, you find being a St. Marg's girl offensive. Whatever.

Sandra, Victoria and I wanted to go for dinner together at Kim's Family Restaurant but when we reached there, it was closed. Then we went to Sakura, and it was under renovation. So we landed at Seoul Garden in Clementi Mall where we pigged out till our hearts content. I need to exercise. Yesterday, I wanted to run at the stadium but there was some football game sigh pie Sally ate the magpie

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Progress reports

Got back Progress Reports yesterday. I don't think I did that badly but there is definitely room for improvement. As you can see, the A1s aren't very strong A1s. No 90< at all. :'-( but I've learnt how to shut up about school grades over the months. Haha. Ok ego boost here oops. My goal is to get a report card with straight 'A's!!! A1s, preferably. But well, beggars can't be choosers! A few people in class were very disappointed with their results and started crying. I felt really bad but I'm a horrible comforter so I just talked to Victoria and Cherie. They don't cry that easily hahahaha they are "safe friends".

I feel like a terrible person because I feel uncomfortable around crying people but I mean, some people just aren't blessed with high EQs! Oh well. I should work on that hahahah I'm a horrible friend. :-(

Oh and also, we're playing Perseus for SYF next year!!! Ms Chong said that she's actually looking at another piece, but it costs $700+ and well....the school might not be willing to spend close to a thousand dollars on us if we can't guarantee a Gold with Honours award. Sigh. But Perseus is quite fun and interesting too! There's a singing part to showcase our angelic voices. ;-)