Monday, September 03, 2012

Learning to lead (SL Workshop)

Today was the SL Workshop training thing at ACJC, conducted by Mr Frank Troyka. He's got humour on his side but I don't think he really needs it because he is a super good speaker and I really learnt a lot from him! I'm actually quite excited to try out all the new ~skills~ and methods to teach my section after the workshop! The woodwind tutor was Jonathan Vi-something, who'se 19 and used to be an Abercrombie & Fitch model!!! Wowerz hahaha he was quite handsome (obviously)! The brass tutor was Stephen something and he looked less interesting but well they're all here because they're good. The percussion tutor was Mr. Ramu who also tutored the MTDC percussion kids and played the coolio drum thing during Arabesque! Hahahaha all in all I had a great time learning all these leadership things that I think would really benefit my section.

At the end of the day, everyone wanted to take photos with the tutors so being Singaporeans, we all just queued up (ok lame but Singaporeans love queuing). Then these bunch of girls just started thrusting their phones at the tutors and taking photos with them. Another group of girls shouted "Photobomb!!!" when Sandra, Naasyidah and I went to take a photo with Jonathan! Sandra was so angsty hahaha actually I was too but Sandra was like an erupting volcano. What's with these girls, no manners at all. We didn't even do anything to offend you! Unless, of course, you find being a St. Marg's girl offensive. Whatever.

Sandra, Victoria and I wanted to go for dinner together at Kim's Family Restaurant but when we reached there, it was closed. Then we went to Sakura, and it was under renovation. So we landed at Seoul Garden in Clementi Mall where we pigged out till our hearts content. I need to exercise. Yesterday, I wanted to run at the stadium but there was some football game sigh pie Sally ate the magpie

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