Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sec 1 Recital 2012

Sec 1 Recital was today and it was quite fail. Hahaha, there were very few parents present, so pathetic that one of them asked "Are we going to be the only ones there?" ...

Maybe it's because this year's Sec 1 batch is small, so there are fewer parents.

When I was Sec 1 (yup, here I go again), the ~recital~ (I hate that word) was full-house and the seniors who came back had to stand at the back! Hahaha three cheers for supportive parents! Ah well. The playing wasn't that good either, and I'm also talking about the pieces that the Main Band played. Felt like strangling everyone afterward. Hahah Regi, Lim An and some other seniors came back and Regi was sitting like directly in my line of vision so I had no choice but to make eye contact with her which she interpreted as flirting. Mhm I'd totally hit on a chick during a Sec 1 Recital. Hehehehe but I guess their presence made it seem less pathetic! They filled up almost one row of chairs.

The food was good but Lim Ning had problems using the new bocal swab (UH HUH our 10 year old bocals have been abused) so by the time we got to take the food, all the good food was gone! And by that I mean the bee hoon. Haha Emily ate like four plates of bee hoon! I don't the the parents ate that much.

Our band girls are savages. We eat anything and everything.

Today was also the first time I saw all three Lim sisters together hehehe they look so cute together!

End Year examinations are in two weeks everyone!!! So what am I doing on the computer? Idk I can't find any motivation now. At the rate I'm going, I am really nervous for the examinations. Going to psych myself into studying now. (No I'm not)

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