Friday, September 14, 2012

Brush with royalty

Ok I think it's rly weird for Shaun Soh to be commenting on our pictures and stuff even though it isn't all pedo-y and stuff. It's just weird lol ok sidetracked.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came to Singapore a few days (or day) ago and part of their itinerary was to visit Queenstown, which is really near school. Clare and some others went to Queenstown to see them and I didn't because I was a pessimistic nub sigh. Clare got to shake hands with both Prince William and Kate and said "Good afternoon" to them hahaha how British. Anyway, she kept rubbing her royal hand in my face the next day hahahaha. Apparently the other aunties there were so embarrassing as everyone just shoved their iPhones in their faces. I guess that isn't just Singaporean behavior as everyone else in the world would have done the same. I think Kate Middleton is so pretty!!!1!1!! And British accents are so /*swoons*/

School is pretty horrible and I can't wait for the End Years to be over. 3 weeks left I can do this yepz let's goooOOOOoooOOOoooOoOoOo. Meanwhile, Twitter is down and Facebook is stagnant. 


MTDC Ensemble Concert for Secondary Band tomorrow. Not giving my support though haha no one to support anyway. SMSB what are you doing

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