Saturday, September 22, 2012

Next generation SMSB

Received the news that Ms Chong was going to leave us on Thursday and it came as quite a surprise! She's been our conductor since I first joined the band so there is still some sentimental feelings attached.

After SYF (I doubt any of us would forget the tear-jerking letter which made us all cry during Assembly on the Monday after), the Australia trip and the latest Blessed to be a Blessing production, there has definitely been some good times. I guess she has been an all right conductor but wellllllllll......which is probably why the change of conductor, especially now that SYF is nearing. We cannot afford to not get a Gold. Especially after we paid $50 each for a tuner/metronome. We'll meet the new conductor after band break ends, which is on 18 Oct. I"m sure we'll have no absentees that day haha, since everyone is so curious to find out who will be the next band director to bring us up to greater heights.


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