Tuesday, October 09, 2012

End of End-of-Years

The EOYs ended today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok there are still other people who have other papers to take on other days of this week but still! Actually that post-exam euphoria hasn't kicked in yet...when it does, it'll probably be during Headstart or some other totally inappropriate time. All in all, this EOY was a complete bust and I don't have such high expectations, I know I can (and will) do better, haha.

Decided to take a gamble and not bring the jacket to school today because I hate going out with fat bags. I braved the entire two hours and survived. ;-) After the paper, (no screaming this year lol) Sandra, Celestine, Victoria and I went out to slack. Hahahah the original plan was to cycle at East Coast but they (yes they hahahahha) got v. hungry and lazy so we decided to just get fat at Nex. It was my first time going to Nex and it's nothing exceptional hahahah. We ate at this Japanese place and then ate some really good delicious fatteningly fabulous pancakes. Post-exam treat. ;-)

Went home to watch movies and play mahjong (hehe) and just basically slacked until 8.30pm when we realised it was 8.30pm and then my dad drove them home, hahaha a good way to spend the last day of examinations (and the first day of one week of freedom!)

Going to the father's school to peer-tutor (?) some of his students tomorrow then heading to town where I will (hopefully) evolve from the ancient Nokia to my iPhone 5. ^_^ Thursday will be frittered away on roller-coasters at USS, hoping that I'll not die halfway up the ride or worse, fly off the seats hahahha that is a very real fear okay, don't judge me! Friday is baking with Hansol mm yummy yummy in my tummy. Excited for the week!

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