Thursday, November 08, 2012

Music Proficiency Assessment

Today was my MPA and it was not as bad as I expected haha!

I fared horribly for the rhythm and singing. I couldn't sing high and literally croaked out the notes, so Mr A told me to sing an octave lower and it was much better......I hope. Also, because I misinterpreted the tempo as "at least quavers in 80", I practiced a lot faster than that given tempo and ended up having to wing it lol that is never a good thing.

As for rhythm, I just had a mental block at the third bar and couldn't figure it out.

With all the nerves and heavy rain outside and urge to run away and pee, I would say I did relatively all right haha. :-)

well, at least that's over! So glad that I'm a Section Leader so I can quickly get the test over and done with, haha! That's a huge load off my mind now.

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