Friday, November 09, 2012

Last day of school!!!

It's the end of Headstart every1!!!!

Haha I'm not feeling the carefree, happy-go-lucky mood yet because there's (as always) a ton of homework to do, as well as things to revise over this 2 week holiday. Yup, TWO WEEK HOLIDAY. 

Band takes up two and a half whole days (literally) a week so that amounts to about 1 week? And then there's the mission trip that will take up another week, so the originally four week holiday has been cut to two weeks. :-( oh well, just have to rise to the occasion! Haha, that's what Mrs Rethinam talked to us about earlier today, before she gave out our report slips. It makes me very scared to think that in less than a decade, I'll be out in the working world already, having o make something out of myself by's a scary world out there. 😖

Anyway, I'm very happy with my report card! I got an L1R5 of 10 because of the A2 in English and B4 in humanities. My only hope for humanities is the bell curve, haha. It's also partly because literature is the hardest to score of the three humanities. But no regrets taking up literature though, what's most important is to enjoy what you're doing! Anyway, my report card was all A1s with the exception of the aforementioned English, humanities and Chinese (duh). Haha, pretty happy with myself. My goal now is to get a report card with straight A1s! I'm almost there already!!! Hehehe. Ooh, also I topped Bio and humanities while everything else was about 96%/99% for the percentile thing. Hahaha yes I'm over the moon.

Meanwhile, this holiday will also have to be spent JC-hunting. During my PSLE year, I didn't really think about secondary education and just "winged it" throughout and ended up in...well lets just say it was a desperate state. I'm determined to be fully prepared now! Hopefully I can DSA somewhere using band and my Sec 3 results...pray they don't look at my Sec 1 results hehehe that was my slacker year. Owell, the future is v scary hehe that's all I can say!

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