Sunday, November 11, 2012

December holiday fun!!!

Tomorrow is officially the start of the holidays! I'm so excited because, as everyone knows, the first week is always the best! Hahaha, this doesn't apply to the school term though. Right now on my Twitter/Instagram timeline, people are tweeting/taking photos of them going on vacations to places such as America and Australia et cetera et cetera. I'm going to Thailand for missionary trip and extending 2 more days in Bangkok. Haha, oh well. At least the missionary trip would be quite enlightening (?)! Wrong word maybe, but I am quite excited for it,1 even though I'll be living with cold showers and ancient toilet systems. It'll make me appreciate what I have here in Singapore I guess. Till then...haha!

Anyway holiday homework is depressing but thank God for Deepavali on Tuesday so there's a (short) break from band. Haha ok this is really incoherent.

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